09 September 2008

lights of new york

image credits: mikeO nj
fireworks are an ongoing feature. the July 4th takes the cake, but we occassionally see them through out the year.

image credits : sister 72
Every year since September 9th 2001 two additional Lights are seen on the NY skyline.Last night, the lights came up again.

image credits:Global Jet
Among the many lights in the city, the Empire state building changes colors every day

When the lights are switched off after midnight the migratory birds are thankful, since the powerful lights blind the flying birds as they make their way across the sky and many of them hit against the tall buildings on the NJ side.
New Yorkers call us the bridge and the tunnel people. They boast about their skyline, which we enjoy.
when you come to NY city next time take a path to Hoboken or to Pavonia New Port in Jersey city. Follow the river walk , you can see the NY skyline till you hit the tolls near George Washington Bridge on the Jersey side. The lights are its best when the sky is clear. it is quite a stretch to walk, may be 7-8 miles. You can enjoy guessing the many buildings in the city across and the bridges you can see far beyond. When you get tired, take the ferry and you can get back to manhattan.

The photographs that is put up on the site are those that can be seen through my window and who happen to have taken from my neighborhood. But there are so many more on Flicker. Once again thanks to the many photographers who are willing to share.
(this is the first post in the series - lights of new york.)


Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

These are beautiful images! Anrosh I have added you to the "Give Creativity Wings to Fly" project. Once it is your turn I will contact you to get your mailing address.

All the best,

Anrosh said...

Enzie, thankyou. i''ll look forward to it. As for the images, the credit go to the photographers which are linked to their site.

Vinod_Sharma said...

The credit for the images goes to you too...for selecting and posting them here!

Anrosh said...

vinod, will the photographers say that ? -:)

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