23 October 2008

the world around

..made a few changes to the collage

21 October 2008

chapter 11

**if you think that the country is in financial bankruptcy, it is much worse, the country is morally bankrupt. Neel Kashkari is heading the$700 bail out company, "Kash and kari" ltd.

**it does not matter who wins the election. Mc Cain or Obama. the tax structure will be higher. residents will be paying more for basic necessites - groceries, gas, healthcare, clothes and decent education but the Wal-mart culture of the american psyche will definitely change.

**if the financial pot has melted so be it, can the earth be saved? it is october here and i go out without a jacket. nothing is as grave as an issue than climate change, which will bankrupt generation after generation.

**How soon power outs, water cuts will become a norm only time will tell.

**5 people for the same job. Educated unemployment is on the rise.

**1 out of 10 people do not have health insurance. And if you do have health insurance the hospitals and the doctors clinics wring you as much as possible. Never ending line of tests and suddenly you are sick forever ! Anybody's savings are deposited at the Doctors cash counter.

**The bust cycle is the only one constant in the country. Starting with dot com bust, followed by Enron and the MCI scandal, housing bubble and so on and so forth...

** when race and ethnicity becomes the deciding factor in Universities, schools, corporates and Power, the cerebrum is working at the lowest point. Insecurity dominates the policy maker and the decision makers.

**Lies and Misinformation are the hall marks of the News Agency.

**University education is equivalent to buying gold and the ROI is skeptical.

Who will bail out now?

05 October 2008


You are invited to join me for the celebration party on the 200th floor of The Wall Street Building.

Date: October 6, 2008

Can't believe it took us so long to come out of this. Boy, were we worried ! Surely we all have worked hard, making those assets, building up those bank balances. How could everything just about disappear ? The bailout was essential, not only for the US economy but also for us! Come on, how can the Wall Street run without us?

So finally, it is time for champagne and caviar again (smirk). You will also meet the people who made all this happen! The night will be young. The bold and the beautiful will be joining us.Wish to see you at the party... don't miss it for the world.

[Wall street Executive]

Image credits:Edmond B

03 October 2008

My life vest is under your seat, says Rwanda.

Just like you
I am.

But, I am cut
I am beaten
And broken.

In pain.

Tears flow
And Blood.

This is all I remember


Maryam who is now in Rwanda says it again.
Corine is doing what needs to be done

Image by jsdart

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