05 November 2008

notes of an historic moment

“While we breathe we hope" said Barrack Obama, the presidential elect.

Last night as the citizens and tourists were waiting in public squares and parks to hear the outcomes of an election many African Americans chimed , “We cannot believe it" after The black American had ran and fought so hard and long to oust the female blonde white democratic candidate to become the presidential nominee several months ago and now won to become the 44th president of america.(O ye of little faith). As I was flipping channels, Dianne Sawyer, a senior female blonde news anchor asked her colleagues, “how would Hillary be feeling right now?”. Screw you Ms Swayer, at one of the most defining moments when history was taking a turn and the stone was being etched, “my dreams have come true” this news anchor had the shameless nerve to even bring up such a conversation.

Freedom is never given, it is always taken. Independence and liberty to be snatched. Yesterday’s slave, today‘s president. From riding at the back of the bus to the highest office in the land to becoming the leader of the free world. For me, it was the epic point - the picture of courage of taking the responsibility of achieving ones dreams. of a promise of belief and faith in oneself. From an unknown senator 3 years ago, who could walk at the O’Hare international airport in Chicago without being recognized to the most recognizable face in the whole world. Citizens, majority of whom are whites turned out in large numbers (91% turn out in Connecticut) to vote, to remove the line of absurdity and vote rigging if the race was close. But the cows in the south just mooed as they always did. Finally last night the doors of the white house were kicked open to the voice of many who changed the color at the oval office. On the hallowed portals of the white house should be engraved, “I have a dream” (if it is not already done so) and “I believe in our dreams” by the president elect.

The effectiveness of a promise, the power of breath that is what we saw last night.

on a lighter note - have a cupcake.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Great post An. I can feel your emotions and through you the emotions of the blacks of America, even though you are not black. This is indeed history being made. We are lucky to be witness to it...though you are luckier being right in the middle of all that transformational energy. Forget about the South. Think about how far so many other whites have come. They have voted him to rule the nation. This is only the beginning of a new era.

"I have a dream". These four words have now become truly immortal.

Anrosh said...

Thanks vinod. you may want to look at the pictures on spiegel of the celebration around the world.

odzer said...

Personally I would have liked to have seen Hillary become the president but this guy seems okay. I do not care if he is black, white or pink. As long as he fixes the things that need to be fixed and does not end up blowing the world we should all do well.

pink dogwood said...

Anrosh - I guess I was watching the same channel at the same time - it was Dianne Sawyer. And the same thought crossed my mind - if you don't have something half way intelligent to say at this point, then just shut up.

Anrosh said...

of course odzer choosing a presidential candidate is a permutation of many complex variables - i like some policies of the republicans and some policies of the democrats --so how do i make a balanced choice?
the country is in a traumatic state and the promise of new vs the old old is what the country is yearning..

Anrosh said...

Thank you Pink dogwood --i will go ahead and write the name on the post.
on the 5'o clock news..i can see the tension between her and sade badrinwa.

Mavin said...

A great journey for this society which has travelled from segregation and prejudice to voting an Afro-American to the White House.

I guess this speaks volumes abt the maturity of people and the political process that race was never an issue nor was it used as a trump card.

Historical indeed.........

In contrast Hillary looks tired and out of sync.

Hope Obama can do even half of the things he promised to initiate...

Sagarone said...

Great post, Anrosh. History has been made and the glass ceiling has been broken through. People around the world have high expectations from this new face of America. Let us hope they are not disappointed.

Indian Home Maker said...

I was watching with envy and admiration, envious of the American voters who had the sense to vote for the right guy. Made my kids hear his speech, and told them how they will be telling their grand kids how they watched this happen. Hope to see the same kind of change in India.
And hats off to the American people who have chosen him. He... no they, have a tough task ahead no doubt, but they have the entire world blessing them :)

Anrosh said...

hello mavin ..it is good for a change to have the NON-OIL drinking politicians on the stage. They are too OLD and beer looks good in their hands than taking important decisions.

hello sagarone ..welcome. i was surprised to see the jubiliation all across the world ..the statement that the US president is the leader of the free world is true ?!

ihm welcome ...the americans were tired finally. george bush tricked them into voting the people for him by showing that he has a persona of a regular suburban guy..
this should have happened 4 years ago.finally hungry, tired and scared americans decided to rally obama to the white house. "the climb is steep" to quote obama but people are looking towards to build a bridge of hope..baby steps..
welcome ihm..

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