02 November 2008

Nothing in particular and Why do I blog

Blogs was a happenstance to me in 2005. first was apartment therapy, when i searched for the word "apartment furniture" and from there i jumped towards reading many more blogs. some i left a comment and some i did not because i was plain lazy. with everyblog posting i walked away with something. why do i blog ? simple. so that my friends and family and neigbours do not have to hear my opinion on everything i think.

almost 4 years ago a person who met me for 3 days wrote to me that i should be putting my thoughts on paper. combing through websites, journals, databases both online and offline one walks through an overload of information that until and unless one sits down and thinks about it, a person seems to carry an unnecssary baggage of opinion, thoughts and perspectives and feels cluttered. i don't know about you, but that is how it has been for me. in also writing i found that it is a great way to analyze a pleothara of thoughts, the jumblings and the musings and walk away with something more clearer and something more solid. idealistic, uthopian, possibilities or plain old crazy wierd ideas if one were to do a brainstorming.

for someone who is always asked, how do you know this and is perplexed to answer to that question the blog seems to be the perfect answer. many a times i write impulsively behind an online name to write as true to my gut-opinions on the topic. right or wrong, extrememly pessimistic or optimistic does not matter to me. it is my way to jot down my thoughts somewhere which people can feel free to comment - agree, disagree or just do not comment. my blog is an attempt for me to clear my web of thoughts and move on to the next topic.

i have conquered fears, and anxities, gained confidence and able to assert, agree to disagree and formed new opinions. in the course people have asked me questions and sent emails even the long forwarding ones. but since my blog email is only for my blog it does not matter it just lies there in my inbox.

like everything ---blog --basically logging your thoughts online has the best or worst of both worlds. when i started surfing through the oldest browser"lynx" on a black and white monitor on a 486 i thought it was earth shaking. back then in 1995 i marvelled at colored monitors and would go to watch them because it was not available in my side of the campus. email was the clincher because we wrote emails to our friends in the universities and chatted using talk@username, we have come a long way now.

now we talk and write to people whom we think we know, but we don't. we exchange hellos and write to some bloggers when we have missed reading their posts. for some we see a face and many others we don't but we still chug on. communication has become instanteous and the social fabric of human beings to be connected is not being lost. Online or offline we want to be heard ..the nerve that makes us just human.

Having a blog as early as 2001 was a fashion till it suddenly became the rage in 2005 and now just like having many email accounts blog is just another phenomenon. Now what next after we have lost the charm. However it is amazing that how human beings will do anything to reach out and be reached..communication. Only if this kind of passion will exist to have some common sense to reach out to protect what is left of this earth. So let's subscribe to common sense, shall we?

And on a note..that is a much too familiar noise these days..

Most countries have national elections.if i am not mistaken canada's was just over ( i think ) and the world remains in bated breath to hear who will have finally emerged the winner in the US in two days. Most wait in fear that the elections will be rigged or votes will be fudged. There will be long lines at election booths, continued jibberings on the media and online ( the blogs will be fun to read at what really happened at the booths ) and many more voters will be turning out to cast their ballot to decide who will get the final job offer for becoming the US President. Finally just 2 applicants for the one of the most coveted job in the world, while many residents in this country and other parts of the world cannot get employment. Halloween was just over 2 days ago and holding that realm of thought i begin to wonder who is going to trick or treat us - obama or mc cain. But Hope is what makes a human being get out of bed next morning for a better future isn't it?


Pinku said...

Your thoughts on blogging and the way it helps clear the web in our own minds are so very true.

I use my blog to say things that were I say speak of in public I would be shushed down without being given the chance to explain myself fully.

The blog makes a reader atleast read and perhaps understand before they lash out.

Am keeping my fingers crossed for a treat called Obama...the trick called Mc Cain can wait.

Vinod_Sharma said...
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Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes An, blogging can be liberating,as you have mentioned, in more ways than one. More than that, it enables you to hear voices from across the world that you would otherwise never get to hear through other hierarchical and relatively closed mediums controlled by a few. This is going to totally revolutionise information access by making available real views of many almost instantly to all.

In a couple of days we'll know which of the two has got the job...it will take little longer to find out whether he is treating or tricking us.

Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

So you are blogging for a very long time already. It should be said that nevertheless you hit frequently on very interesting and worthy subjects.

So, please, go on like this and don't let laziness overcome you. Besides it is creative to write, good for the little grey cells up there, as Hercule Poirot says.


Mavin said...

Strange isn't it that we humans are so eloquent when blogging or commenting but clam up or be plain dysfunctional when dealing with our immediate family, friends, relatives and colleagues.

I wonder whether distance or anonymity encourages us to open up more with bloggers than with those around us.

Blogging is definitely a positive outlet for us to communicate without fear but I would loathe to be a super blogger as I cherish and value normal human interaction also.

Re: the cirus every four or five years (as in India) is a pleasant diversion. Obama or McCain are the current center stage personna.

We, in India, will have our circus next year and that will be noisy, chaotic, fractious and have many more entertaining prima donnas. We look forward to our share of excitement in life. You have had yours and will get to see the result in the next 30 hours.

corine said...

Great posts and very eloquently put.

To be found and read if only by a few is all a writer ever asks for.

Anrosh said...

pinku, welcome.

vinod, yes i like the "voices from across the world".

georg, for me it is more liberating than creative.

mavin - i think it is the anonymity and to write without fear with no expectations.

blogs also give an unedited view of many views across the world.

hello corine, you bet - " to be found and read ". thank you.

odzer said...

@ Anrosh : Oh yes writing a blog can be interesting. I simply blog because I want to and like doing it. Although some blogs I have noticed have other motivations and goals. Blogging is rather addictive would you not agree?

Anrosh said...

odzer,i must agree that blogging is addictive sometimes.

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