03 December 2008

aay mere vatan ke logo...

A friend in bombay writes : " the same dishoom dishoom goes on".. everything is back to normal."
Another writes: "i have work piled up. 2 days of not going to work has ONLY added more work".
This is the issue with Bombay. The common man bounces back even before you have winked your eyes. Business is back. children have started playing, "terrorist and the commando "instead of "chor police". Though anger is depicted in the Indian media the majority of the population have a job to go to and vacation days cannot be lost by sitting at home in fright. They also have bills to pay. The people who take the train to VT is alert, as usual. Every day they take the same local, at the same time. They discuss about terrorism with terror in trains with their "train friends."
Bombay can never be buckled down ! Ah! the resilient fighters of Bombay, otherwise how would it have become the financial capital of the country? And role model for the rest of the others in the country !! Will my dear bombayites realize what a great power they have and they can do anything ONLY if they set their mind to it - buckle down the politicians too.
Light your candles but pick up your swords (Read: Ask your politicians! to send our Forces.Don'take no for an answer). Otherwise the next generation will be raised under the fear of a "bomb" and the conditioning of 'fear'. There will be "kashmir" from kashmir to kanyakumari. Children learn what they see you do more than what you say. Gandhi did whatever it takes to kick the british - Cutting the long story short - "gandhisim is rebellion".
Sitting back and saying "Peace,when bullets are being sprayed on to you is an act of cowardice and non-confidence.
I rest my case.
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Indian Home Maker said...

Heard about/watched the people from all castes, religions, classes collected at Colaba from VT to Gateway of India, finally United in a Peaceful protest?
And finally wanting Peace not divisive politics ?

Vinod_Sharma said...

"Terrorist-sipahi" Mumbai's kids will carry these scars of 'war' which is still raging with full fury... the gaps between attacks will become smaller and the attacks bigger if people forget, as they already seem to have.

Mavin said...

There are no illusions on whether to turn the other cheek or not.

Re: Bouncing back - the Mumbaikar has no choice. Even if scared, he has to make his way to the place of work.

In a day or two you begin forgetting the "bad" event and immerse in daily life.

I also feel we have become a little insensitive. Years of tough life has made us thick skinned.

We also shut out unpleasant memories as that is the only way we can survive.

Anrosh said...

IHM, we need leaders and we should not scummb to divisive politics.

vinod - sometimes i wonder only if the bomb near the parliament in delhi would have killed 50 politicians (call me Insensitive here or call me the A, B, C, D word here) things would have been much better. Only if they would attack another few more "luxury" places ..may be things might change-- if RDX could be found at VT station 2 days ago, i am sure there are others hiding. May be they should check the mahim slum ( right in front of the mahimchurch - dawood ibrahim's 2nd home and slum the one near kanjurmarg, near IIT) and so many places where we knoweth not, or know - but doeth not !

of course mavin - "Enough is Enough." don't you think that way too?

corine @ hidden in france said...

I am all for peace but I'm not a pacifist, though I have a couple issues with this (and bear in mind that I know nothing of India or what is at stakes.) Wouldn't no answer be a powerful response? If they cannot demolish people's morale they will have lost. Also the US responded to terrorism by waging war and it seems to have strengthen the resolve and the power of our enemies.

Anrosh said...

hello corine - my answer to your question is my post on 12/01."kashmir across india". america's decision to attack was not because of 9/11 - 9/11 just became a reason. dick cheney ( all friends of bush sr and company ) had been planning this - the relations between US and other middle east nations deteriorated since the sr. bush administration.(i am sure you know all this and more )
- India Retold ( the link which is on my blog roll under the sub heading Japan/India ). a blog by vinod sharma makes a good read to know india "not the media way" but by the eyes of a common man and how the common man feels about the politicians . ( news papers are owned mostly by foreign companies )

also the book economics on terrorism by kruger is an eye opener ( they say - i have not read !

this is not first time that the bomb blasts has happened in india. the whole world stood up and saw because they attacked 'the rich and the finest hotels, targeted the americans and british and jewish, otherwise this would not have been just another news item on the sideline..

india is a great nation, but i am scared this will become another african hamlet that is filled with corrupt politicians who is hell bent on bringing the dooms day to india everyday.

Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

The main difference between a third-world country, a development country and a developed one is just this: organization.

Going back to normal because there is a job to be done is honorable. But if nobody is singled out to organize the future based upon analysis what happened and what went wrong: welcome to the downward slope. Your years are numbered.


Anrosh said...

Georg, You hit the nail on the head. Thank You

Pinku said...

you are so very right....and thank fully I think there is much more popular demand for reforms in systems and concrete steps than ever before.

I hope now that we have finally awakened we stay that way.

virginia said...

hope you are okay...haven't seen a post in over a week.

georg...well stated.

Anrosh said...

hello pinku - we should be awakened with balls bulging out now to get the political forces to act because they have resigned to take politics as business itself.

hello virginia - yes, i am okay. thank you for asking. i am doing some reading. have to finish some books before the end of the year.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

This time the mood in India is one of determination. I dont think we will let this pass easily.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I like that --- saying peace and sitting back is useless

Anrosh said...

L.Venkata, - i hope that this spreads and the feeling remains to grow into something some participatory and active electorates.

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