13 December 2008


I am not a big fan of writing tags, but when you read each others blogs, it is human enough that readers know who the writer is. And obviously so when some bloggers lift your spirits when writing a comment or sending an email. Don't you think ? So when I checked the blog Hidden in France written by corine yesterday I was surprised to find my name and was wondering about the million dollar question " should i or shouldn't i play tag ".Because one does talk about oneself quite a bit.
Let me cut to the chase -

w.r.to pt no. 4 - i assume many may not have an ear for classical music, but the man has studied music theory for 3 years and plays violin ( hindustani classical style ).


virginia said...

nice way to present personal information.

i'm still thinking about "vacation days cannot be lost by sitting at home in fright", written in your post below.

Telecommute Jobs said...

I try to avoid getting tagged. :) btw, I love the layout and colors of your site. So simple yet colorful.

pink dogwood said...

It was good knowing more about you - I have been trying to learn spanish on livemocha.com as well - just a beginner :)

Anrosh said...

hello virginia: thank you. :)

telcommute jobs : thanks.

pink dogwood :
thank you for the link.

Indian Home Maker said...

I enjoy doing tags but invariably there is so much to write and post that there is hardly any time to tackle the long lists of pending tags ...
...tags are a great way to get to know fellow bloggers :)

Now I know we have something in common, I also don't like serious classical music (semi classical is welcome)and I also learnt French for a while ...
Nicely done tag :)

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