28 January 2009

the travails of an immigrant

They were honest and truthful. Sujata didn't add false years on her resume so that she will get a job. Honesty was returned in favor of "no job" and no sponsorships. But she chugs on with life thinking that there will be a day so good that such memories will fade away. On the other hand her partner Satish continued to work and did not negotiate a higher salary or a promotion because the US immigration laws wants him to remain in the same job title from the day that he first applied for a green card (in March 2003).

Though they received an Employment without authorization card in 2007, the gap in Sujata's resume (of not working due to visa reasons) was considered a major block. Satish could not take better job descriptions or even change his field of work because he would have to refile his papers and go back to square one.

Satish's dreams of pursuing a full time school are now adjusted to being a part time student. He says that he cannot do justice to his school work and work on his readings thoroughly as much as he wants to because of the commitments of a full time job and aggressive course load. He cannot take some classes because some of them are held during business hours and work does not permit him to attend them. Nor can he leave his job because one of them has to bring home bread.

In April 2007 when the financial companies were starting to show the fall – starting with Citigroup he was the first to go. Since it was the month of April he had the burden of finding a job in 60 days, take 2 finals, find a good immigration lawyer, and complete all legal formalities. His wife took the share of the legal aspect, contacted her friends and passed on his resume. Friends were very helpful and so were strangers who were in the same boat. Being a good student, some of his professors also put a word for him in certain companies. In this darkening economy he survived another lay off last Friday and will know in a few days weather he will survive another one. His wife Sujata has never stopped to look for jobs. She is still exploring. But amidst all this a sense of gratitude prevails.

From the diary of an immigrant.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Tough times that no one thought that they would see...so glad to hear that Sujata and Satish had so much of support in these difficult time and Sujata is still filled with a sense of gratitude. Good things will happen to good people...let us see how Obama's new bailout plan works...I sense that history is on his side...he's got a sinking ship that he has been 'chosen' to save and restart...good news for the to might just be around the corner.

Vinod_Sharma said...
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Vinod_Sharma said...

That 'to' should be read as 'two'.

Good to see you write after so long An.

Indyeah said...

What a tough ,tough life filled with so many hardships...even if we here know that everything's not a cakewalk in USA,one still thinks that 'they' the lucky ones have it easy..

But I have to say I love the 'never say die spirit' that the story shines with...:)Two people are together and thats the most important thing..:)It was indeed good to know that they hope still...their dreams are still alive and that's the most important thing....keep writing Anrosh..:)

Anrosh said...

hi vinod, i am happy to write too.

indyeah - welcome.dreams they say must not be given up. if you do you will die..may be that is why they hold on to it/

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