01 February 2009

Free India from the clutches of the sonia and rahul gandhi scam

indian people have been constantly under the regime in some form - Bonded laborers, Oppressive landlords, foreign gnaws such as the french, portugese and the british into the clutches of nehru and its cronies and now the indira gandhi family. it is time to cut these chains, snap them and melt them.

Start the civil disobedience movement version 2.0. It is time.

Any Thoughts ?

Edited to ADD:
An amazing read: Breaking free of Nehru. Lets unleash India by Sanjeev Sabhlok.
The book is available at Oxford Bookstore.


Sagarone said...

I think this is partly due to our feudal mindset. We as a people did not have to fight for democracy, it was thrust upon us at the end of the struggle for independence. And hence, neither a mindset nor institutions have developed as they have in other societies. We are used to being followers and our politicians derive their legitimacy from their loyalty to the ruling family and not to the people.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I second what Sagarone says. But the real problem seems to be that the biggest support for perpetuation of dynastic rule comes not from 'uneducated' Indians who repeatedly have shown that they are ready to displace it, but from Westernised Indians, many of whom have lived in the free West for years... that is something that beats my understanding.

manju said...

I agree that Indians are used to being followers.

However, it is surprising that Indians can be enterprising regarding technological innovations or marketing strategies, but not in political matters.

I can only infer that Indians do not regard matters of governance sufficiently important. Perhaps because there is no monetary advantage in being politically aware?

Civil disobedience as a weapon should ideally be used against an oppressive, foreign govt. How sad that we are forced to think of using it against our own govt.

Indyeah said...

You are tagged!:)http://ofsongsforthesoul.blogspot.com/2009/02/tagged-once-more.html

Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

It is more important to dethrone Nehru - Gandhi family from ruling our nation the Congress Party has to be removed from the governance. Over 60 Years they ruled and our country is still counted in developing country with increasing socio-economic problems!! We neither lacked in resources nor in intellectual mind, but we lacked in governance and it is mainly because of power greedy congress.
And it is just continuation of what congress was from the time of independence war. They were satisfied with Dominion state, and it was revolutionaries who brought the idea of "Total Independence" later followed by Congress. If we look deep into our history of freedom struggle we just see that the congress party is more for power than for the people of India.

Anrosh said...


when oppressed land laborers rose up to answer the oppressive land lords they term them as naxalites .! powerful mindsets which stood up and wanted change many times have been squished and squeezed and murdered before it reaches the main stream.. the uprising has happened many times in smaller forms but have quietened down by the oppressive government who have guns and the people standing against them have lathis. many times our oppresive government acts like General dyer in jalianwala bagh incident.

it is time to excuse the excuse of having the feudal mindset. i sometimes wonder what kind of genes did gandhi carry to say " be the change whom you want to see". in many nooks and corners of india there is change but it is time we topple the old power hoodlum of delhi. citizen journalism is a voice and online mass mobilization is the reason why obama is the president.- the guy who started the facebook was in charge of online campaigning for obama.


i know a few who has been traumatized by indira 's emergencies and have left the country..(and yes the very educated ones) i am surprised to hear that westernised india wants this dynastic rule - this is news to me and if there is - the percentage would be 0.00001 % And i haven't met anybody myself who think this way

it is shame enough that sonia gandhi is the heir of the congress

if we actually studied mahatma gandhi - mahatma gandhi was against many of nehru's thoughts and ideas. there was a always some mediator between them. nehru's tout was his powerful visionary father who used their wealth to grab more, and envisoned nehru to have power in the country.
if it was not for blogging i would not even know that there are people who do not like nehru's dirty politics.


How about Azad hind sena version 2.0 against the oppressive indian government. you have two choices now :) indian's are leaders in technology because the westerners are fascinated by these diamonds in the rough who are bringing forth something new. as far as america goes - america is a very enterprising country and opening a company is not covered by red tapisim and permissions and signatures of crooked politicians. you have a business plan, take your license, launch your product and keep the sail sailing... the 2nd generation of indians who are raised in the country and are raised by middle class educated people from india are finding voices here ..the culture of this land though snubed with racisim also appreciates and encourages initativeness.

sadly the westeners see the value in indians while the indians elbow them away. a simple example - blogger vinod sharma (india retolds) blog posts were first published in reuters, chicago tribune and some american newspapers for blog listings. And he has got only one indian media blog posting. i am not talking about western validation, i am talking about genius minds picking up genius minds. the slum dog song jai ho - was a reject of subhash ghai - accepted by boyle - you get the point - the indians will surely make their presence felt - at least the ones who are raised here - because that is what they are are taught at school. indian school teachers encourage rote learning while american school system encourage questions and meaningful class discussions.

this awareness has to be inculcated in school where the conditioning begins and stays for the vast majoring - Not as Chacha Nehru ( Uncle Nehru )but as kans MaMa ( the villan - for my non indian readers)
Subash Chandra Bose is not celebrated !- part of indian independence is because of him. many indians do not even know him.!!! But his german wife understood his dedication to his country and supported him in what he had to do.it is time to ask the people together at ganesh utsav and reeducate the people just like Tilak did.

indyeah - Tagged again! it is like taking an exam for me.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I dont think it is that bad. I dont think electing them to power is some sort of oppression.

But yes the congress party seems to be full of servile people, who seem to have no standing of their own. If you mean that they are the ones who need to be freed from Sonia and Rahul Gandhis then it makes sense.

Anrosh said...

venkat, " i don't think it is that bad"!
for me the license raj is bad enough to say that the government was bad.
when queen victoria and the party left, nehru planted a dynastic heir --indira gandhi plotted the plan to kill shastri, our 2nd prime minister. the five year plans was a failure ( even our charmed IAS officers will explain that in a hushed tone )

you might want to check sagarone's (first commentator)blog and check the post for jan 26, 2009 in particular. The link goes in detail. You may also want to check
India retold - Vinod sharma addresses this in many angles in his posts.

we need to unlearn and learn ( read paulo freire's ( a brazilian's) pedagogy of the oppressed.

venkat, delhi has engaged in a stampede of such narcissitic practises of the government that indian people have become numb, but to come out of this numbness we need to be shaken up by taking a plunge in some ice water to be shaken out of the senses - UNLEARN. and learn - basically awaken the unconscious state of mind that "nothing will happen"

Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

Yes, There are many things hidden inside regarding history which we learn from school text books. Also many of real freedom fighters are not given the importance which they deserve and also which is required to generate young generation with nationalistic values. Even the education system is also is a continuation of British system which was meant to create only text book babies with zero values.
Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar, Chandrashekar Azad and many others who dedication and vision towards nation was much more wider and greater than congress party. But because congress party was into so called "Non-Violence" and "Truth" and not harmful to British government British suppressed the real history of India and same continued from 1947 also. And only party that is getting benefited by this is Congress!! That is how it has happened since independence.

roop said...

"citizen journalism is a voice and online mass mobilization is the reason why obama is the president.- the guy who started the facebook was in charge of online campaigning for obama."

i agree.

let's do it! write a post about how we can initiate a difference online. would love to read ur ideas.

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