13 February 2009

Indian Woman Fights back Non-Violently

You may have heard of the Hindu Taliban attacking women in the pub who were sitting down quietly for a drink. This menace is one of them with all the other terror that men have been inflicting woman when they step out of their houses in both urban and rural areas

I also write on Testosterone Terrorism faced by woman in india. The woman have kept quiet for long and their struggle has been long and lonely. Now the women are gearing up. This time the Indian Woman are planning to fight back non-violently through the pink chaddi campaign -

This is what NPR has to say.

BBC covers it.

Huffington Post mentions it.
Request to Women All OVER THE WORLD

While you celebrate Please raise a Toast to the Indian Women on Valentine’s Day as they fight the self instituted moral police (the Hindu Taliban’s who cordon woman in the name of indian culture) Raise a toast for her as she fights back her attackers tomorrow in the most non violent fashion –

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Request to Google India

Please support the women of India as she fights back the hindu testosterone terror tomorrow that she has undergone for years. A change in the banner for the day showing support of the non violent woman is a great symbol of social responsibility.

Thank You.



Indyeah said...

rightly said Anrosh...support is needed and nothing less is acceptable...
This is as non-violent as it gets...
wont say Thanks for yours :)coz we are all in it together..

virginia said...

rachel maddow (msnbc) just mentioned the protest...

Indian Home Maker said...

Anrosh this is touching and much needed.
These men and their sponsors have learnt that a huge number of men and women i.e. VOTE BANK will be lost if they do not stop immidiately.
Muthalik had become synonymous with Talibanising of India, but now he will also be associated with Pink underpants - a policeman in Haryana has been suspended for trying a Muthalik-act, we know this Pink Chaddi Campaign has let women (and politicians) realise they can fight against injustice even without any support from any authorities.

Usha Pisharody said...

Simply and finely articulated Anrosh! And finally there is hope that such movements will check the rampant moral police, with Muthalik statements on withdrawing his threats.

Kudos to all those, like you, who relentlessly pursued that one objective ,and brought it to be.

Anrosh said...

your energy shows through in your blog indyeah..

Thanks virginia -- wouldn't have known otherwise

indian home maker - suddenly muthalik is becoming a verb and an adjective, that nobody wants to be !

Usha : Welcome.
and thanks for the compliment :) and that too from a fine writer like you.

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