13 February 2009

Know that you are being Read. And Letter to Sagarika Ghose -Part II

In response to my earlier post letter to Sagarika ghose a commentor has signed and left as Sagarika Ghose but there is no link. So is she the real one ? Not sure. If she is, then great.

Google search results for "sagarika ghose, chaddis "( as indicated in my site meter ) is how the proposed sagarika ghose has reached my blog (Kudos GOOGLE ).

Ms Ghose has addressed me "HeyMr whats your name ! "

My right bar indicates my Name Clearly under the label About Me.

Has Ms Ghose forgotten to address a person politely and professionally,how much ever agonised she is.Isn't she the senior editor and prime time news anchor of CNN IBN ?(but on googling Ms. Sagarika ghose I have come upon sites where she has been unprofessional on many fronts. So I am not surprised at the sudden outrage in the written form of address.)

She writes “You have misquoted my blog. I never wrote the line 'Don't confuse love with lust'. Please check my blog before you spin out lies. sagarika Ghose"

Please note that I have linked Ms Ghose's article at Hindustan times to my post and there should be no confusion in case of a typing mistake or an error of cut and paste from my word document. And the error was corrected.

Journalists/Reporters at the start of their profession want to investigate and write a story which will catch attention , have an interesting plot or convey a message, but as time sweeps by other banalities of the profession get hold of them and they forget the “task” which they first set out for.

Journalists/Reporters are known for manipulating and for pointing fingers when they get a reply from the readers. The megalamonia of Bharka Dutt,an extremely well written piece by shubo raises many interesting points. Has fear gripped the professionals?

Journalists create hype and have their own prejudices. It just goes to show that they can become arrogant.(the way she has addressed above)When they hear a striking response to their work they speak louder, create confusion and try to manipulate. With their proficiency of words and the tricks of the trade under their arms they try to leech.

Once creators of mass opinion they are now under check by a mass of bloggers. No more can professional journalists think that “freedom of expression” is only there’s to keep. Ancient are those days. Until recent years the letters to the editor would not be published as it is or those published are the ones that sing their praises ! But now with inking of thoughts online we do not have to send it to them.The journalists will come to us. The journalists will hop and skip online and franatically search google to read what is being said to them. Citizen journalism in action?.Perhaps, Participatory democracy is the right word here.

The likes of Ms.Ghose and Ms. Bharka Dutt ( a member of SAJA forum ) will be In check no matter how they continue to fill NEWS. They can overfill their kitties with gratification, but also with insecurity that their voice may drown under the sea of voices that talk to them.

So bloggers keep logging in. Know that you are heard. It is worth your words and time. We live in an exciting time.

And here's a note to my non-indian readers if you are wondering what is going on -

A blogger was served a law suit by a major Indian TV channel. The megalamonia of Bharka Dutt tells it all. Another prime time news anchor and senior editor of CNN IBN Ms. Sagarika Ghose is to whom I have written this and an earlier letter. As you know the english speaking crowd of indians who have an access to internet are are raising voices against media, government etc just like any citizen would do on their blog when they are not satisfied or happy ( Think election of Obama)

When indian citizens exercise their Freedom of speech they are being stamped on. India may have bought Information Technolgy to the world, but the government and its quasi army,the media constantly tries to suppress and scare the citizens - bloggers included.

I thought you should know as the world is becoming more globalized.


Vinod_Sharma said...

I agree that the manner of addressing was not polite at all. Whoever one may be, one must remember that everyone has self-respect.

That apart, two things stand out. One, Ms Ghose had the courage to take a view that would have made her very unpopular in the global and rootless social milieu that she lives and works in 24/7. Coincidentally, I share her view and believe that some people seem to have lost perspective completely. The media has built them up and the kind of coverage that this chaddi campaign has been given would suggest as if the unacceptable behaviour of a few goons in Mangalore is the most pressing problem faced by India.

As I have said elsewhere too, this is in one part due to the superficiality and rootlessness of a few people living cocooned in an India which has little in common with the real India out there. The other part is the clear political involvement of a party that wants public attention to be kept focused on anything that can embarrasses its political opponents so that its own
warts and unpardonable failures remain away from limelight...elections are around the corner.

I know An, that you hold opposite views. We agree to disagree.

Indyeah said...

''The journalists will hop and skip online and franatically search google to read what is being said to them''
true ,true and true!

Anrosh ,If I am not wrong then isnt Ms Ghosh part of the so called Pink Chaddi Campaign?
So ,I really fail to understand how she is courageous or honest even by joining something that she doesnt believe in..

'Not believe in 'to the extent that she can write a whole article on it..and yet be a part of it!

I may be wrong..
Is she a part of PCC Anrosh?
And if she is,then this is hypocrisy of the first order..
Atleast Vinod sir and others are clear where they stnad...
but this double facedness on the part of Ms Ghosh??

Usha Pisharody said...

Just this day, i was trying to explain to my parents what blogging was all about.

Actually these days, I think people read more blogs, and the established fourth estate is rather worried about it!

A discerning voice again here.

Solilo said...

Ms. Ghose's ego searching brought her here? Good! If she was trying to be different then she chose the wrong time. Anyways everyone has freedom to express their view but by being part of PCC and then pulling it down? I didn't quite get Ms. Ghose's style.

Anrosh, I had linked your previous piece to my previous post and again well written!

Anrosh said...

hi vinod...isn't world a wonderful place when we can agree to disagree ?

indyeah - No points for people like Ms.Ghose who cannot walk the talk!

May be she was suddenly feeling the loss of love! that now barkha dutt (NDTV) was taking away the glamour from her.

Usha - my parents do not understand what blogging is either but they did raise strong women like us --for that they need credit. don't you think?

Solilo - 3 cheers to the geeky mind called Google - and cheers to you too!
are you here the first time ? If so- Welcome.
Thanks for the link - it's great to know that you think the same way too.

roop said...

what if it wasn't ms. ghosh after all? ;)

Solilo said...

Another take on Ms. Ghose's article.


Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh, hi everybody,

Bloggers of the world unite!


Anrosh said...

roop - what if it was ms ghose ?

solilo - thank you - another take and a well written piece.

georg - virtual social communities seem to be the order of the day.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Of course it was An. Why would anyone else take the trouble to read the post from her point of view and point out the one factual error that you had made about what she had written, by pretending to be her?

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