06 April 2009

Which way !

  • Have you wondered why company executives lie and cheat ? Because they know they will not be caught and even if they do the punishment will be their backyard!? They will have jails with all the amenities and necessities.They wouldn't be treated as common criminals!(pun intended) The people who made these laws are themselves or their bum chum pals- they just handed over the administration to others ! -- god helps those who help themselves --now isn't that true ?
  • the bailout was decided by the very people who first pocketed the money and they knew beyond doubt that the government(in reality it is the tax payers) who will support them. The Bailout is another gimmick -- it is not the answer for what has happened -- if it was sub-prime mortgage and credit default swaps fiasco yesterday than tomorrow it is going to be a black swan.
  • Were any executives bought to task because of the subprime mortgage loss, but they all collected huge bonuses and commissions of the pseudo profits that was shown in the annual report year after year and have retained their position if they were not let go or resigned themselves! (sorry - not lost. but the money lies in their personal lockers and personal treasury).
  • The road from wall street is a two way road - from wall street to the treasury department in D.C and right back. It is not even funny that we bend backwards to make these frat boys in wall street casinos help become rich.
  • But on the other hand a thought goes through my mind as I write this ---If we collected all the money in the world and distributed it equally among every single person is it possible the same financially rich would have collected back more or less the same amount in a few years ?
The process of garnering money is a state of mind -- some can do it and others cannot !
images -- pictures scanned from an annual report of a financial company. ( i don't remember which one )


Ordinary Guy said...

:(... yes it is survival of the fittest always.... :)
and that is the simple truth.. in this world.. :)

Anrosh said...

sometimes the democratic illusion makes us think otherwise ?

Indyeah said...

I agree with OG:( Its a grim cynical world..and yes democracy does seem like an illusion at times...

PS:-I have to pick up Black Swan...was reading some book on economics and a friend kept mentioning this one..

indyeah said...

Democracy does make it seem like that...


Bix said...

Did anyone hear Brazilian President Lula da Silva speak at the G-20? He iterated many of your points, Anrosh.

Anrosh said...

indyeah -- that is why we have to find something -- we need to fix it ..

saw this link when i was searching for G-20. No I did not hear him speak

Bix said...

That's interesting. Some of it is out of my league, but, in talking about devaluing currencies:

"The world is too interconnected."

(So that all nations' curriencies would be devalued.)

It's the world-is-interconnected part that I find key. Many people still talk about this nation or that nation when all nations are connected.

Example: The US is indebted to China, without them I doubt there would be a stimulus package. But for China to, in effect, lend us so much money, they have to have it, which they get from exporting goods, which other nations must buy (have the money to buy) - Interconnected. (I'm no expert, though.)

Ordinary Guy said...

sometimes the democratic illusion makes us think otherwise ?
I liked this line...
"democratic illusions".... :)

Anrosh said...

Bix -- nobody understands everything -- they all "seem" to.

ordinary guy -- thanks :)

Smita said...

some can do it and others cannot !

An those who do it know that they can get away with anythng n everything!!!

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

You wrote this with passion and it sounds very good.

Unfortunately, you are wrong. But economics are a boring subject to 99 percent of humanity so I better refrain from trying to convince you.

There is however a kind of stanza from Bertold Brecht that resumes it somehow. It goes like this in translation:

When the house of a biggie collapses
A great number of little ones perish under the rubble.

Thus biggie houses had to be saved to save a certain number of little ones. Worldwide.

Cheers Anrosh

Anrosh said...

smitha , welcome

Georg, I would like to hear what you would like to say .

"the biggie houses had to be saved to save certain number of little ones worldwide" of course --i do not disagree with that.

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