12 June 2009

to myself

The power of one


Anonymous said...


neways I m first ... !!! lol


manju said...

A person should stand up for what she believes is right even if she is alone?

I agree. (If I have understood the meaning correctly.)

However, I much prefer the power of the pack, if that is possible. :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Why not power doubled? Or does that sometimes become "power drained"?

Indyeah said...

Beautiful and thought provoking as always..

it all starts from that doesnt it?the power of one...

Indyeah said...

just out of curiosity have you seen the movie The Power Of One?
its based on a book..though I havent read the book but the movie is good:)

BK Chowla said...

I myself,veery well said.It shows one's confidence in onself.

Solilo said...

Anrosh, I am with you on the thought. That's how things would start.

I remember these lines which my English teacher taught me eons ago but it always gives me strength,

Aage badta har kadam bilkul akela hai
Aur pichle har kadam ke saath mela hai.

Anrosh said...

hitchwriter welcome..

manju - if one person has the power to stand up -the others might follow..

vinod..power always starts with one.and then it gets packing.isn't it? slowly -but steadily

indyeah -never heard of the movie. jonathan seagull is that what you are talking about?

bkchowla.. reading what you wrote , i realise how everyone else interpreted it - for me i realised that - every person is important - the power of oneself to be oneself and to be herself/himself and the power of his vision when translated into words and action can transform the world - that is one think positively.

solilo -- got it --

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