06 July 2009

Human Resources Confidential ?

Y was one of the members of the interview panel on which X interviewed at the investment division of the bank.

Y realised that X stays in his same apartment building from the address on the resume but both X and Y did not know each other. Y worked with the Corporate Human Resources at the bank. On returning home Y passed on the daily musings at work to his wife C. C and Z works with the apartment dry cleaners and knows the regulars like X very well.

Z asked me, Has X interviewed with Bank of America? Knowing nothing of the above I said, "May be. X is interviewing in many places." And I was dumb struck at the trail of information.

My brain went for a spin. Doesn't Human Resources have access to corporate personal files including ALL information for a person.
Doesn't Human Resources division conjure up the code of ethics for the rest of the company ?

Do the Human Resources have a different code for themselves ? In 2007 the identity theft increeased 26%.

And if this can happen at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch corporate, there would be a riot with information in the hands of the Human resource staff at any corporate.


pink dogwood said...

definitely scary - very scary.

BK Chowla said...

HR a have a definate job profile cut out for them

Vinod_Sharma said...

Big brother is not just watching, it seems: he's got X-Ray, CT and MRI machines too. Can anything be hidden any more?

Smitha said...

Oh yes, it can happen anywhere.. where people do not take these ethical issues seriously. Ideally, human resources should be the ones who should be paranoid about confidentiality.. Sad and scary when they do such stuff too.. As you said - there could be a riot with information..

Indyeah said...

reminds me of a movie where this situation looked fictional at best...not so the case anymore..

with the world getting increasingly advanced in terms of technology and all that it brings..our entire life history is in digital databases... is it any wonder that life is getting more complicated and more paranoid?

information at your fingertips!

Chrysalis said...

Oh seriously whenever I do America bashing on the phone with my dad..I am scared of FBI agents barging in and whcihking me away...rendition type scenarion..
Is anything hidden and with Acts like the Patriot Act is anyone safe?

Just call me 'A' said...

yes, even SSN is available with human resources

Anrosh said...

chrysalis -- do you remember the TADA act in the 1980's - the patriot act is similar - it is needed for some time - may be they will take it away once they find that it is not needed.

india has been attacked several times and is like a sitting duck. we must appreciate the fact that americans are bullish when they come to their safety, their goals and leadership. they are steadfast. their governance is spotless when it comes to their safety. they don't depend on their safety on the basis on what another country thinks. they will do everything for a citizens well being. can we say that about india ?

india is a large democracy but NOT a functioning one.

America is definitely a functioning democracy and they can be proud about it.
so the patriotic act is in lieu of the thousands of people coming in through the door. when the government knows that trouble is knocking, it is but common sense to close the door, but we cannot say that about india. indian government has thrown common sense and leadership in the trash. politics comes before governance. until indian governance does not mend its ways, india is doomed to be a failed state how much ever economic progress we make.even the economics is depended on an american consumer.

welcome.... constructive criticism is always good.

Just call me ' A' - welcome.

thanks for chiming in pink dogwood, vinod, indyeah, smitha, bk chowla.

this is not the first time i came across this.
Doctors office is another place where SSN's are for everybody to see during filing --

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