01 September 2009

to tell myself

There is no room below.It is overcrowded.
Keep looking up,
For what you seek you shall find
What you ask you shall receive
Regain your power and yourself.

Live and Life is your reward
Happiness and Peace your right
First Comes thought, then Action

Peace and Happiness is yours
Success and Prosperity also yours
Go get it without Delay
It has been Waiting, Waiting for you Always.

Onward, Forward.


Smita said...

Such positive thoughts!!!! Loved it :)

Solilo said...

It is lonely at the top but only the ones with willpower can raise from the crowd.

BK Chowla said...

Absolutely right.Positive thinking helps.Keep looking up but don't ignore the correct level lest one trips.

vishesh said...



Mavin said...

Hi An,

How true...

If one is content with existing, then the place is so overcrowded.

Aspire to get on higher planes and there is ample space.

We must make our own heaven on earth.

Very nice....

Anaka said...

"Go get it without delay, it has been waiting for you". That's my favourite line. Who wrote this, Anrosh?

Anrosh said...

hi anaka, how are you?

i wrote.

there is no fun in committing plagiarism. - not for me. :)

Prerna said...

'There is no room below, it is overcrowded', so true and very positive thoughts.
Let's not forget it is lonely at the top.

Deeps said...

Indeed,onward,forward is the way to go.
Loved the positivity that you conveyed,Anrosh.

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