11 October 2009

The President of America , NOT Obama and the Nobel Goody Bag.

A shocked Colleague,Steven:Lehman has filed bankruptcy.

An: Steven,It is time to get your coffee.

Colleague : Look at the screen. - pointing to the rolling banner of news.

October 8,2009
A friend called in : An, the Swedish have gifted the Americans. Guess the gift ?

An: gift or prize ? - ?

Friend: Obama got the Nobel prize for peace

An:OMG– So the American government has pulled an “Al. Gore” again for a gift, Nobel Prize ! Let me get back to work. Catch you later.

So Is the nobel prize for peace a cliche .. ?

A prize, A scholarship, A trophy marks an achievement or should mark an achievement. We all know too well by now that for coveted prizes such as these marketing is key.

So whom did they award the Nobel prize : Obama, the man or the president of America. Newspapers, bloggers and all man and sundry have put it gracefully, the prize is 'aspirational.'

If it is so, there are many aspirants in many fields – why have they not been given ? Why is it exceptional for only one 'aspirational' candidate. Doesn’t it smell “fishy” all over ? Needn’t it be any more clear that the prize was given to the President of America and not Obama, the man. That means even if Sarah Palin would have been the current president of America, She would have bagged the prize.

It does not require much thought to deduct that Obama was strategically placed by the democrats to win this election. A muslim,that would warm the hearts of many Islamic countries, that held a sour taste of America. Obama balmed every religious fanatic, and race in every country on earth. There was a song and a dance.No,he had not done anything concrete.Yet Obama got a celebratory dance because he was purely 'aspirational'.

Another thought that seems to cross my mind is this – Was this prize given to add a bigger and extra “Halo” to the position of president of America, who was seen as the leader of world? Was this prize given to indicate that America has taken a U turn to establish peace. ( Just like all the Ms Universe’s want to establish peace after they win the award ) –Isn’t America the only country that has attacked more than 20 countries so far after world War II, and after the establishment of the UN ? And the on going wars iraq, afghanistan, next in line, perhaps Korea, Iran, – Was this prize a way of marketing American president to the world as the embodiment of peace, when all actions belie the talk?

I know that India is worried about the increasing aid to Pakistan. Guess What ? America is always playing the two edged sword here. They give Pakistan AID to make the Islamic extremists happy and let all the Islamic world know that it is supporting them but in reality the Americans are creating an insurgency. There is more than what is said in the media. Don’t we all know that Taliban was erected by America themselves to create havoc on the Russian border. American sword is always ready to strike and it also pretends to provide a
“Tiger balm”.

Coming back to the Nobel prize. In order to establish a new legacy to the position of president of America, have the American strategists deemed it necessary and twisted the Nobel prize committee’s arm to give the prize to the current president of America.Thus it will be announced to the whole world that American government is correcting itself from being a monster and trying to play cherubim.

On the other hand Republicans are going to have a field day every time the current president of America sinks in its diplomatic duties or have to sign an international policy. Is Obama going to be a sitting duck ? Now the republicans can see themselves clearly back in office after 4 years. This prize has done more harm to the democratic party now and for a long time,since officially speaking – Obama receiving the Nobel prize is like democrats getting the iced cake and the pie with extra cream before doing anything concrete. Because if it was not a democratic election win, the president of America would not have got the Nobel goody bag.

Sometimes I wonder Was this the Clintons & Co’s way of having sweet revenge. Have the Clintons influenced the Nobel prize committee in giving the prize to the President of America ? So that they can make the sitting president squirm every time he sits on the presidential seat and the candidate would have wished that Hillary Clinton should be the rightful candidate. Anything is possible in politics and this may not be far off either. The Clintons have always had an extra sugary way of presenting the sword.

To:Barack Obama,Who sits at the highest seat in the land despite all Odds. May you prove your mettle. My good wishes always.


corine said...

I absolutely believe in the man, his good intention, and the purity of his motives.

Akshay said...

I liked this post. I found it insightful.

But what do the locals in the US think? I mean how does the average American feel about all this?

"Thus it will be announced to the whole world that American government is correcting itself from being a monster and trying to play cherubim."

I don't think so. Obama getting the Nobel isn't going to change the US' image. Infact, it is what is prompting even further ridicule by people (incl. me). It is very funny and somewhat outrageous when somebody who sanctions things such as the invasion of Iraq, Vietnam and other such horrors is called an embodiment of Peace. (Sure it was Bush who started it, but Obama doesn't seem to be ending the unlawful occupation of his dear central asian nations soon.)

Your last two paragraphs are pretty interesting. I'd never thought about that. But it's happening, as a matter of fact. Poor Obamaji is being asked by every third guy here, "But what has he done?"(myself included.) And it isn't even his fault!

This whole logic of a bunch of Swedish/Norwegian people passing judgment on who is fit to win their lump of gold is very dodgy in the first place. And I don't see why people care. Every person has his own list of great scientists/leaders and so what is that makes us treat these people's list with so much reverence?

Mahatma Gandhi never won the Nobel, but Martin Luther King Jr. did. And they did essentially the same thing. Gandhi's job was as challenging as King Jr.'s , if not more.

Anyway I don't think great scientists/leaders do what they do just for the Nobel. Else, as someone said on a physics forum I sometimes visit, "We'd have cheerleaders egging us on."

Nice post, though.

Anrosh said...

Hello corine,obama is a great representative of middle class american. And he sits in the highest political seat - so it is not just about himself anymore, but a big ring of people.

Akshay: of course america is trying to play "pretend" cherubim.

Nobel prize is a great PR gimmick - didn't al gore get it ? for what?
so it is just that the president of america got it and not obama as i explain in the post ( i changed the title too)

And the wars of america - they are all old stories. they are trying to whip every country one after the other ! if it is not war than it is something else. when it is americans - read " euro-americans".

Gandhi's contribution to the world is Priceless. Nobody can put a tag on it. Martin Luther King did exactly what Gandhi did many years after gandhi died. Their motives were pure.

I agree with your last sentence.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Whenever anyone gets an award that he clearly does not deserve, conspiracy theorists have a field day.

May be there is a simple explanation: the Nobel jury did not find another worthy candidate to give it to. Men of peace are hard to find in these times. Those deserving it have either already got it or passed away!

Although I am ardent admirer of Obama, I think it would have been better if he not been given the Prize this year.

manju said...

Interesting post! I agree with most of what you have written.

It does seem funny though, that America is one country which has supported war in so many countries, either directly or indirectly- still an American President gets the peace prize before doing anything.

I too hope that Obama proves his mettle. But that is in the future...

BK Chowla said...

I think it was too early for him.He still has to prove himself.As you said ,may be it is a Gift.

Anrosh said...

Vinod, i believe there are deserving ones. but have they never been nominated.

manju, obama is potential.

bkchowla, these days in order to establish your name , institute an award and give it to someone whom you fancy - this nobel seems to be such after so many years. may be they need to revise the guidelines with times. To err, is in every humans nature. Does anybody talk about R.K Pachauri who got the prize with al. gore ? but everyone talks about al.gore.
on another note i am not able to comment on your blog

BK Chowla said...

Anrosh,what is the problem that you are facing with posting comments on my blog.?May be you should try again.

Real estate Toronto said...

This occasion rises many questions besides if the price was given to Obama as man or Obama as president. A few that come to mind mind: Did Mr Obama's colour played any part in the decision making of the commission?

According to the rules, the price is given for extraordinary efforts in the PREVIOUS year - so what has he actually done in 2008?

What will Mr Obama will be given when he actually will contribute significantly to the world peace?

Is there a way to refuse accepting the prize? Cos it's doing him no good.


Anrosh said...

chowla saab: it is the comment box. it throws me out - may be this is happening to several others who is trying to post a comment.

Hello Ellis - Refuse to accept the prize might solve the confusion surrounding it.

Mavin said...

Hi An,

Nobel Peace Prize is the ultimate in political hypocrisy.

Just confirms that this is a cozy club of senile persons who have tons of money through illgotten means.

This beats all logic and no amount of explanations or reasoning can justify this.

It is incredible and only goes to reduce the credibility of Nobel.

Real estate Toronto said...

Anros: thanks for your answer. Even if the protocol doesn't allow refusing the prize (since the contestants are chosen by a special committee and do not enter themselves), a formal refusal would at least show some decency and would give Mr Obama some credit.

Anrosh said...

mavin - a nobel has always evoked a wow ! don't u think ? and everytime who have contributed selflessly wants it unsaid. There is a professor Bhagwati, an economist at columbia university - 2-3 of his students have got nobel - but not him ? many say it is foul play. many readers might think that i am mentioning his name , because i am indian.
like with everything else, sometimes deserving ones are not given - the deserving ones do not even make an hoopla about it.

Hello Elli - If Obama is going to refuse it, I think there is going to be a lot of debate - of " the first man in history to turn down such a big prize ?. One less american - because when it comes to a nobel prize - a country tag is a big deal. if i am not mistaken nobel peace prize was later added to the list of awards. Doubting the nobel committee's decision capabilities? hence forward would be chapter of major debate. In an American president's role - international diplomacy is key - so for a job that he is carrying out -if he gets an award it should be by the people of his country. As i mention in my post, obama would not have got it if had won the presidency - In refusing to accept Obama might get back his magnanmity , because now the critiques are having a field day saying that he is an illusion.If I would be in his shoes I would return it. Thanks for coming back with a 2nd comment. I like a good discussion. Welcome.

Anrosh said...

Elli , Corrected statement : As i mention in my post, obama would not have got it if he had NOT won the presidency.

At the end of the day Mr. O is a politician and so his moves would be only how to strengthen his image as a political leader or what kind of legacy that he wants to live behind. It is definitely going to be interesting.

And may be from now onwards people may now sit back and think - " do i really deserve it " - a morally conscious question. but in a political position - only image and the capacity to get votes is only the key. don't you think

Solilo said...

An, As I mentioned on mine, he received it simply because he isn't George W. Bush.

Anrosh said...

Sols, suddenly the focus of the health bill has gained a back seat.
the republicans are definetly drunk with happiness.. now all jokes can start with nobel prize and war and all goes that wrong.. colorful cocktail, G-8, G-20 summits are going to be frolicking.

i think this prize would force the president to think 10 more times to go to war with korea or iran. but again it is americas --who changes like the chameleon..

Anaka said...

Hey Anrosh, I'm so glad you wrote this post. I too was shocked when I read the news- it seems unfair to give an award in anticipation of work to be done. Why not give it to someone for work already done, and why not choose someone who is probably a lot more under-appreciated by people and by media for greater effort? The media is already so obsessed with the Obama family- can you believe a paper in Chennai even had a page dedicated to Michelle Obama fashion in Chennai a few months ago? Aspirational or not, I think it's crazy that Obama got the award.

Anrosh said...

anaka - it would have been good if they had shown nice handloom saris worn by some of our politicans - i always had an eye on indira gandhi's sarees - brand management - what do you say ? - glad to see you this side of the blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinod,
Maybe you have not heard of the women who was in the list of 200+ people being considered for the Nobel Peace prize. She was ine who gave up her cozy western life to start a girls school in Afganistan. Doesn't she deserve the prize more than all these manipulative politicians?

Vinod_Sharma said...

An, I believe Obama should not have been given the Prize yet. It would have been better to wait and see.

As to that lady, while I agree that she is doing a wonderful job for which she needs to be admired, I am not sure whether that qualifies her to get such an award, if it is to be given for the reasons it has been instituted for. In some cases exceptions have been made.

Anrosh said...

vinod, do you remember al gore got a nobel prize for something - peace i guess - what did he do ? for doing nothing. well awards and prizes like this need a lot of connections to get - it is politically motivated.

even sarah palin would have got the prize, if she was in the president's place.

may be the europeans wanted to make sure with the peace prize, the president would not go and make korea and iran another war ground -- so just give him/her the prize and shut his mouth up...

these days if we have to get a publication out , if one has connections, how much ever undeserving one can be, they can. merit/ creativity is all underrated.

for the super rich folks and for the 1% population of the world, everything is a matter of money. in the last few days i saw one guy who has pipelines in china, own buildings in brooklyn and manhattan and other places fighting like cat and dogs for a piece of dust that he writes as tax evasion. for the rich -it is a matter of " who can get the nobel prize this time " -

they are so insecure if their name is not on the front page of the media.

like my husband says - i am happy and contended in painting and playing music and making my world a happy place. politics is a waste of time.

sadly because of such kind of attitude we never see deserving people in the light. true geniuses are some where in some corner and they will never fight to SHOW OFF.

but then there is something called as emotional intelligence that is why people become rich and super rich at the cost of compromising ethics and breaking all rules.

the rich break rules to become more rich and the poor break rules to survive and the middle class get jostled.

why am i writing all this when you gave such a simple reply - i don't know. it is very difficult for me to censor my keyboard.

Vinod_Sharma said...

An, what you are saying is all true..."the rich break rules to become more rich and the poor break rules to survive and the middle class get jostled". That says it all. But, often it is out of the poor and the middle class that the rich and powerful emerge. And then they too become like the ones they were criticising from the other side of the fence. That is life.

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