31 December 2010

Keeping up with the times

A new decade is just around the corner. I try to keep up with the times but..

1. You still own a flip phone.
2. You struggle with text mail.
3. You are learning a new language for sending mails and chat. - acronyms and icons.
4. You still have a desktop.
5. Without facebook you are loosing face.
6. Mac or Windows - Figuring it out.
7. You still are playing Tennis/badminton on the court and not on WII.
8. Monsanto vegetables are not your staple.
9. You read more in print than online. Learning to read books on kindle requires discipline.
10. Your colleagues still do not know your whereabouts unless you inform them via phone.
11. you have kept your work place and home distinctly different
12.You Do not use avtaars.
13. Virtual friends are lesser in number than friends whom you might meet for a beer/coffee.
14. Your social networks online have not increased triplefold.
15. Twitter has not become your News line.
16. Your views on gender/race discrimination is not known widely because you do not comment on blogs.
17. You do not have one more thing to hide from your children - your blog and your social network connection.
18. You want kids to stop competing at Net Lingo.
19. Your cell phone and lunch do not sit adjacent to each other.

20 December 2010

The overnight climb by sarah palin.

If there is one person that has become famous overnight it is Sarah Palin in the US. No pedigree and No Washington connections. Considering that Ms Palin was the governor of Alaska and in any local washingtonian's language - Alaska is a different country,Palin was handed the cherry on a plate.

we must appreciate her for taking the risk to become the Vice President nominee when she was well, 3rd or 4th in the line of candidates, when the chances of a republican win was quite slim. While others spared themselves from being the guinea pig Ms Palin Grabbed the opportunity by the horns, just like she would when she is hunting an alaskan moose.A "foreigner" to Washington,the potential VP needed introductions in her own home territory, the Republican party. Yesterdays anybody,today's potential Vice President nominee. The Ascend was quick and steep. But She had the experience of being picked up by an old senator, an oil bigwig who spotted her for Alaskan politics.

Sarah Palin has to become famous - for getting many wrong right.Now that is what politicians are not known for. And sarah just did that – inappropriate phrases, wrong facts,in correct geography,an illusion of space – for eg: she can see Russia from Alaska.Her resume wasn't long enough to draw more mistakes. Or was she just used to keep up with the high tide of politics, by pure luck? Only this time this tidal wave has continued to be long - long after the presidential elections are over and the current mid term election bells ringing wildly for the republican win,Palin is continuously in the spotlight. The PR of Republican party definitely has a winning strategy in Ms Palin to be a magnet of attraction.

She is scouring interviews on every channel and multiple shows, is a political consultant/commentator(!) with Fox, has her own TVshow and is an author, with a ghost writer, all in a short span of little over 2 years. No small feat,eh,for somebody who could not make up the mind in what she should major in and transferred 2-3 colleges for doing her Under graduation. Is she a late bloomer? Or May be not quite so.I
can not quite put the finger on what she is talented at, but she is able to keep a handsome roof over her head and bring home the bacon with additional dollops of butter.

In political discussions and when spoken about republicans, a question without and about Ms. Palin is not a complete interview. We have got to hand it to her that she is the whipping horse for the party (could be her job description). Without doubt we can assume that she must be paid generously for her job, and so has a reason to stick to it. She can draw crowds and her name can initiate a laugh for no reason.

The name Palin is an icebreaker.10 year old kids have a hearty laugh at her expense. Sarah palin has thus tickled us - young and old without gender/race bias and thus bridges a generation gap between the nintendo kids and those of us who have an aversion to video games. other members of her family are catching up. The palin name was leveraged by the dancing with the stars show this season.

Political historians will etch her name in history, that’s for sure. Sarah has blazed the trail for many of the Ms. Kansas, Ms kentuckys for a future in politics. In finding a VP material in Sarah Palin,the white boys club of republicans have opened the door even to those who does not have to pretend to understand foreign policy or important matters of state.When did the popular quote, Wisdom comes with experience become a cliché’?

19 December 2010


In our journey of Life
When our brain begins -
To Think,
To Imagine,
To Dream,
To Draw,
To Plan,
We want some of them to Come to Reality.
So, we think again.
Imagine again,
Dream Again,
Focus on our dreams.
And Begin to give them Life.
When the dreams
Get a form,
A shape,
They are called Gifts.

16 December 2010

The politics of Voice

“It may seem, at first glance, that the majority is the dominant force in every society, but those who dramatically change their world, now and throughout history, always belong to the minority.”
Read more here.

15 December 2010


Have you been naughty or nice this year ? Santa rewards come your way if you are nice, that's what we tell children.But what do we tell ourselves? Do you want gifts or Do you want miracles? I need miracles. What do you want?

09 November 2010

Breaking Points

I switched on Oprah at 4.28 and whom did I see ? George Bush. Mr. Bush has a book coming out tomorrow,Decision Points and I am unable to figure out whom is he preparing the ground for now. - Hillary wrote a book before she was nominated for the senate seat, Bill Clinton wrote a book after, Obama wrote the audacity of hope and a book by Craig Robinson, Mrs.Obama's brother was published a few months ago. Do you see a pattern here ?

If it was not the bad decision of the war and the financial bust,it is no secret that Jeb Bush would have been the president now. It just so happens that the senate is captured back by the republicans and the democrats just managed to win the house by 5 candidates. The democrats and the republicans are pulling the country into 2 different corners little realizing that they are both skidding - 2 wars, the financial fall off, and the economical wheel being unable to spin.

We joke among our friends - commit a big blunder and confess it on Oprah and you may be pardoned. Looks like the president was seeking an Oprah audience to be excused ?! We all know well enough that decisions are taken by the Presidents entourage and the President is only there to deliver the decision and still the attention is on him - good or bad and red carpet too !.

Middle class America is the reason which America is known in the world for its efficiency, effectiveness democracy and opportunity. It is also the raison d' etre for many immigrants, but that is being currently corroded

If the policies has started to erase this middle America, then it will start to look like the tribal Countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle east - where a handful of families control the countries maximum resources. Democracy slowly erodes away when politicians chip away at reason and rationale enabling 0.1 % of the people to control the 26% of resources of America(I read this on the net. sorry, forgot the the link )

Decision points sounds more like a misnomer. Breaking Points sounds right.

Edited: I got up in the morning and edited it again !

04 November 2010

...one road.

Don't do anything what the world needs. Do something that will make you come alive...that's what the world needs. Heard this on Road Trip Nation.

06 September 2010

art and life

The best form of art is life itself. Artists attempt to capture some aspects of it - in any dimension they perceive. Yet some art is appreciated for centuries and some only for a few minutes -- Is it hype? I am trying to understand. Do you understand ?

29 August 2010

a thought about history

More H-i-s-t-o-r-y is known by people who has not written it nor is in it.
History is written by the decisions of people who decide what they wanted us to know through the time capsule. That means much is left out. Much is promoted and much is propoganda, tales perhaps. More fables? Some exaggerated. Little facts.

17 August 2010


I have a question:

Is democracy the best form of government?

Edited to add: The politics of politics is unknown.

18 May 2010

Letter to Nandan Nilekani on his concept of democracy.

To Nandan Nilekani:

I just saw your talk on
TED.com and couldn’t resist in writing however late to the party. You have been an economic leader, by putting Infosys on the map of the world,but whom you have joined is the Nehruvian feudal socialistic Government who has been playing Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. Hence I wouldn’t expect you to do anything fruitful,though your intentions might be honorable.

This letter is mostly about your concept of democracy.

“Democracy came to India 60 years back” Wrong. – The British government transferred power to MR. NEHRU, who ensured that the prime minister’s office can be his children’s children’s children’s children.

“ India is an open democracy” – WRONG again.

The Indian concept of democracy starts and stops with casting of votes, which are mostly pressurized and rigged. There is nothing bottom up about it as you say. The political framework and the next generation of MPS’s in the parliament indicates a feudalistic and socialistic form of government. NOT Democratic.. The bottlenecks of the legal and justice system and the functioning of current governments from panchayat to the municipal corporation indicates the disillusionment of the concept of current "indian democracy". It clearly indicates a socialistic framework - You will agree with me as you read further.

In the last 60 years the Jyoti Basu government in Bengal has left the man women and kid on the street with a begging bowl but has amassed for his children and future generations. UP, BIHAR and Haryana have only turned ghastly with every passing year – BIMARU – if translated into hindi – BIMAR ho gaya hai. When political leaders hand out wad of notes and a bowl of rice to hungry people and provide water for few days before the election indicate downright exploitation of peoples poverty?

Still languishing at the bottom threshold of the hierarchy of people and with a mai – baap attitude, doesn’t 95% of the population behave subserviently?. And yet after the election the politicians abuse the very same voters through 5 year plans which have landed up in more trouble every year ? – some yojnas work partially and most fail fully.

The Indian democracy of 60 years have put Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura and ASSAM infested in the hands of People who have chosen to choose their own uprising. China has drawn closer.

The government wrings their hand in despair hearing the name of Kashmir. And this includes the landless Naxalites in Andhra who have chosen to ATTACK and be dead, than live like a vegetable. Kerala’s young population lives in the deserts of OMAN, Kuwait and Dubai, to earn their bread, because the communist government in Kerala which has existed for many years do not allow any industries to set up camp.

The cotton grown in Punjab is causing Cancer because of heavily infested chemical pesticides. And the trade policy which has allowed Monsanto to come into india which is notorious for their GMO products indicates callousness of the current indian govenment.
Political –International corporate nexus of HEDGING of India is the concept of Indian notion of Democracy..

Nehru and his successions, and other faux political leaders Owns lands that have been grabbed, or stolen. They own industries that produce toxic chemicals for UK and US, and other Asian countries. ..So the carbon emission would only continue increasingly..

Some of the politicians are production agriculturalists who export more and float the policy that there are a shortage of pulses and the common people still have to eat kaccha kandha and mirchi for dinner. Some others own the lion’s share of shops, cinema houses, educational institutions, thus indicating a hegemony of rule in their constituencies and nearby. Yet Some others own their “Goonda security mechanism to take hafta from small business men and small time farmers.

Thus Indian Political machinery have distribution rules in place that will only benefit themselves. This would not have been the impact, if it was democracy, in its original idea.

You are a phenomenal Economic success story but your concept and idea of democracy needs correction.

Have you forgotten that Nehru Family and his children own the Indian Treasury. And according to Nehru, he allowed only himself and his family to live like a king. When Mr. Nehru came for a visit to one of the IIT’s he said that such big rooms are not necessary. Divide it into half ! You sure have heard this story when you did your graduation. Nehru lived like an imperialistic king in the land of one of the most poverty-stricken country in the world, followed suit by his children’s children’s’ children.
How much more clearer it needs to understand that Indian democratic concept has become the establishment of Nehruvian Kingdom.

You speak about Nehru even after 60 years because his policies and politics have left India struggling and His five year plans supports the continuity of Bureaucrats who pretend to have expertise on every subject matter. Even today An educated Indian studied in India will find lesser place in the Parliament and those who have received their degrees from UK,and US universities who are sons and daughters of yester year generation politicians who owns billions will land a seat in the STAte or National level because
pedigree is Godliness under the Indian idea of democracy!. And hiring bollywood actors for permanent seats in the parliament is an atrocious statement of the indian concept of democracy !!!

Thus India’s political Machinery DOES NOT support DEMOCRACY according to Lincoln, but succession of one’s own heirs and others. - Especially for the Nehru Family. Otherwise how can 4 generations of Nehru still be on the throne.It is only but logical. Nehru died in 1964, that’s almost 46 years ago and you are still touting Nehru on an international arena ? – Such a strong grip over a successful Indian citizen’s psyche!. I am shocked that you mentioned his name. In all your understanding of creating a success story like Infosys I expected better.I am sure you have thought about the concept of democracy as it should be as you develop performance benchmarks in your various divisions of companies, but has your yardstick fallen so low ?

Rightly speaking Indian Administrative Service should be called as Nehru’s Administrative service. Nehru’s police service. Nehru’s Foreign service force, and Nehru’s forest service. With all the 5 year plans in place India was going Bankrupt in 1991.– IS this that it is afraid to lose the bureaucrats who will run the government, when the political leaders spend on an average 15 trips abroad for vacation in an year and put this on the tax payers bill ?

The fact is that Indian Political leadership is like a man on the donkey with a cell phone, because though you can talk to your cousin in Finland with the press of a button, Indian Legal System can deliver justice only after 26 Years. ( verdict of Union Carbide gas leakage in Bhopal )

The indoctrination of Nehru ingrained into school going children by celebrating nehru’s birthday as children’s day is outrageous. No wonder Indian citizens find it difficult to differentiate Nehru as a loving uncle or a kans mama (wicked uncle).Indian children has been thus captured young and the process has been slow and long.

May be you need to check about your concept of freedom once again. And even the finest economic development of India will not reach the corners of India,until India becomes FREE from the NEHRuvian FAMILY RULE, until INDIA becomes FREE from the Nehru ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE and NEHRU FOREIGN SERVICE Who but WORK PERSONALLY FOR THE NEHRUVIAN FAMILY and not INDIA.

You know it better than I do that Development does not come in boxes. It is systemic. And since I have explained the Indian concept of “Indian democracy” above. LET me tell you what INDIA NEEDS. India needs ITS FREEDOM. Not a white wash but a complete overhaul.

I am curious - have you already accepted defeat ? Is that why you joined the current form of government? Is this because you cannot beat them?

Sanjeev Sabhlok is already talking about the freedom struggle FROM the Nehruvian FEUDAL Government.Call him. Or in your next visit to Australia – meet Him.
Sanjeev has something to say to you that you have never ever heard before, and isnt’t that well worth your time?

Thank You for your time

15 May 2010

Bombay’s Frankenstein.

1. Remove the larger than life size hoardings on Hospital Campuses, Heritage Buildings, Electric poles and every little wall space that you have encroached. You ooze narcissism. You have defaced the city, just like you deface the people. You have made goondaism and violent behavior look normal.

2. You did not hesitate to kill your own son. You made it look like an accident and went scott free. A taxi driver mentioned this to us, when he pointed to us your Toyota SUV , that passed by us. Now you have seemed to have passed on the torch of violence and anarchy to your other family members. Your bribe and “hafta” seeking corrupt behavior has become your personal trait.

3. You encourage lethargy, unaccountability, irresponsibility in Bombay Muncipal Corporations and Muncipalities where you prevail.

4. You threaten the law enforcing machinery and treat them like your concubine. Your attempts to create chaos since the 1960's and not having succeeded to drive out communities indicates platitudes of your arrogant behavior and stubbornness.

5. You twist and twitter divide among the people using language as a yardstick . So juvenile are your reasons for creating anarchy that a 10 year old can see the contempt in your veins. You are a party that rapes and castrates freedom everyday and have made it look “we are like this only”.

6. Your doctrine is spreading death and terror in the city.

7. You sit in your ivory towers, scheme and plot. You have enlisted unemployed villagers to be your Thug, Murderer and Plunderer.Mentorship in creating chaos in the city is your strength.

8. Your gang members sit at street corners and ask for name address and income. And for that you don’t mind even talking in English /Hindi and will write it down in Marathi. Outrageous is an understatement.

9.You shamefacedly abuse for no reason and show no remorse.Bombay, Mumbai and Bambai can stand by itself. Your presence is a Menace to the city. So shiv senas and your cousin MNS – GET OUT and GO ON. Leave the city just like you hid when Bombay was attacked on 26th of November. You will be fine only till critical consciousness of the people is dormant.

10.Shivaji, the Maratha whom you have idoli-zed turns a 360 in his grave. You disgrace your own Marathi community and they are afraid to tell you to your face.You treat the suburbs of bombay like a bewitched stepmother. Kids still study under kerosene lamps and candles because of rampant power cuts. Ironing clothes before going to college and work is a luxury, because one never knows when the power goes off. Their taps run dry most of the day.And drinking water in the tap comes once in 6 months! Leisurely shower is only a dream when one comes home sweaty and smelly after spending an hour plus ride on the local train. Everyday life for a suburbanite in Bombay is getting difficult every day. Your neglect is astounding. You have conveniently forgotten about Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Jalgaon, Osmanabad and other districts. Your memory loss needs immediate treatment.
May be it is time I send you a map of maharashtra.

You have been shouting that every migrant should learn Marathi - In the last 60 years you have not organized marathi classes in Bombay.

You have sidelined the kolis, who are the natives of the city. Your construction company have toppled more "wadas" and erected buildings. You have forgotten the tribals and increased deforestation. Bonded labourers still live in the state. Are the farmers being killed ? and You make them look like suicides? Is it because you are stealing their water and giving it to farmers who are "production agriculturalists" Or GRabbing their Land. We will never the real reason, Now Do we? In your eyes all these things look perfectly okay because you have blood shot eyes.

The famous paithani is now seeing darker days. Weavers are loosing their age old skill. And Warli painters seldom pick up their brush because there skill does not bring them their bread and butter. The only arts that you have been promoting is - welding a lathi and danda!

Recently I was in search of a restaurant in Bombay because i love - misal, thalipeeth, usal --- And with great difficulty I found one.

Marathi Theatre, Lavni,tamasha ( and other dance forms which i myself do not know but exist) and marathi movies have lagged behind because they do not have funds.You have made no attempts to showcase to the many migrants who would like to get a glimpse of what this is all about. Your dominant culture is spreading mayhem, mayhem and more mayhem.

Bombay has been loosing its vegetation since a long time. And you have destroyed Mangroves in Thane for decades now.

Many people from differents parts of the country have wanted to see the city of Bombay, but your party made no provisions, until recently a tourist company started one.

The color saffron which has been revered for centuries and now which you are identified with have been stained with peoples blood. You and You alone are the creators of destruction and not what you claim in your websites or rhetoric speeches. Your actions speak volumes. Need I say more.

I rest my case.

Image credits: A search on google. Clicking on the images will lead you to the website of these frankensteins.There are many others but I just wanted to write about these two.

09 May 2010

Market or Government to bring about change?

“would you say it's easier to change things through government, through regulations? Or privately, through the market?”, asked Bix in her comment section on the post.

(in order to make sense of this post, you will have to refer to Bix's post )

I also agree with Caulfieldkid's comment a great extent. However, it is also the collective will – of the government – and I mean the political will, who has to change things through regulations.

It has been my observation that markets almost always takes advantage of the gaps between the laws.

Markets were created for a certain reason and as in case of food – additives were added for shelf life for 5 months (just a number) but if additives are added for increasing its shelf life of canned potatoes, beans or carrots for 5 years (another number),it changes the chemical composition of the vegetable/sea food and we are eating something that looks like vegetables/sea food – That’s where the problem lies and more.

Of course it is for the profits of the business man, because if the farmer does not have a good yield of potatoes this year (because of weather) and he has already sold it to the business man at a set price, as written in the contract it is profitable to the farmer. In another case a highly unexpected yield is profitable for the business man who now has more vegetables to be canned – he puts more additives and increases its shelf life.

But the fact is government and markets create a symbiotic relationship in order to reign! - Think Monsanto - the food terrorist.

Governments are elected representatives of the people, which means official power legally and have the opportunity to put laws and regulations to ensure maximum benefit to majority. And so yes, governments are responsible. But again governments also behave like markets. The government also want to remain in business as long as they can and they do not want to make their businessman who has supplied many campaign dollars unhappy.

We employ the government to office. The government does not elect us. And the government needs policing. - by the people, for the people and of the people. As I wrote before in one of my posts - change is a movement. The movement stops when the democratic process stops.

At least in the US,there is a process and a system.Governments can be motivated. you can go up to your senator and tell him/her not to sign so and so bill/initiate a bill – His votes for the next election is at stake. And each senator takes this seriously. Well, Americans have a choice and a chance.Because it is an economically richer country, even in its state of current recession, Americans have the energy to mobilize opinion, their offices will give them a day off, if they tell their boss that they have to go visit their senator – lobbying can also be used for good reasons and effectively.

Bix, when I started writing the answer to your question I thought I had an Indian perspective,but while writing I realized that – the common factors that make up the market and the government are similar in every country. Except the weather, the cultural, notions of freedom, political(india mostly have a socialistic regime and democracy is a stalemate) and social milieu differs.

30 April 2010

Now in gourmet magazine !

I was in no mood to blop today, but this post cross linked on apartment therapy did it for me. 10 years ago - exactly in 2000 when I was in school, this was how I catered to my sweet tongue .

I smothered the bread with butter and grilled it on the pan. When the bread was hot and toasty, broken pieces of chocolate would go on top of the bread and would stay there till gets melted- from snickers to hersheys - chocolate with 70% cacao was not found in my college town neighborhood of syracuse then.

Fast Forward when I found the joys of 99% cacaco - - I have repeated this several times over. when the smell of butter and the taste of chocolate attack my nerves in the brain - melted chocolate on the bread it is.And if an icecream box is within my hand's reach - a plain old vanilla icecream scoop goes right in -

Whoever said that butter and chocolate on a simple toast of bread couldn't be raised to such elevation of glory...and now found in gourmet magazine!

16 April 2010

Oats - of a different kind.

When oats is cooked we don't put sugar so each one can eat oats the way they like it. I like it savory.

saute half a diced onion and add minced garlic. if you have baked garlic on hand,the better. Towards the end of carmalization add half a teaspoon of dijon mustard. Chop a teaspoon of herbs - whatever you have. sage, thyme and rosemary is what was added to a cup of oats.

Lots of fresh black pepper always adds flavor - you know it.

I also added a tablespoon of yogurt to the melange of oats and the smiling caramelized Onion & garlic.

... and before I knew it I had cleaned my cup.

Thank You Oats, you helped me postpone my weekly grocery trip to tomorrow.

06 April 2010


Trying to make an honest living?
How many days will you last?

03 March 2010

Indian Law required to protect children from emotionally and physically abusive parents.

Is it a postulate that mothers do no harm to their own children?

And tell this to your Indian friends that she does not see eye to eye with her mother 99% of the time on many issues, the daughter is known as an ungrateful brat. She has committed blasphemy. She is worse than Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. Indian friends wants nothing to do with her, because not being pally with your mother is just not indian culture !

  • What do you call a mother who tries to seperate her adult daughter from their father?
  • What do you call a mother who taught her daughter it is safe to follow traditions, and follow "to do as you are told to do". Take instructions, but do not take initiative.
  • Because her daughter is not a doctor or an engineer,she is ashamed of her.
  • What do you call a mother who on the daughter's 10th birthday said to her,"You should have been born a son. Life would have been easier for your father."
  • What do you call a mother when she heard from elsewhere that her daughter was against dowry and fights the boys on the playground.She did not hesitate to abuse her every way possible.
  • Instead of celebrating the daughters 16th birthday - The mother kept a plate of food in front of her daughter and said,"Eat this,Eat my shit"
  • What do you call a mother who was ashamed of her daughter when she did a Masters much against her approval? And when she got an admission at IIT Bombay, she was against sending her to the hostel(dorm for my non indian readers) because she had heard from her brother-in-law about the freedom that girls and boys interact on campus at all times.
  • What do you call a mother who tried her best to stop her daughter who had got a job outside of the city that they called home,when the father intervened and allowed his daughter to go.
  • What do you call a mother, who wants the approval of her own siblings for her childrens life decisions(even after 38 years of marriage)than at least hear the opinions of her own children.
  • What do you call a mother who has successfully created a divide between siblings?
  • What do you call a mother, when she would not allow the children to speak alone with their own father? If they do,both the sides are cross-questioned endlessly seperately.
  • The mother enforced her food habits, culture, opinions on her children.Even to the extend that when the daughter said that she did not like gold (gold is a big part of indian culture)the mother told her daughter that she would have preferred keeping a dog than raising a daughter who does not adhere to cultural stereotypes.
  • The mother was known in her community as one who pretends to be meek,but behaved like a woman who freely used her whip at home.She was well known for her physical abuse to the extend that her daughter who felt helpless wanted to jump from a 5 storeyed building when she was 12, but chickened out.
  • Even after all this abuse, she could not protect her own child from being molested by a child predator at five.

The children would like to put a restraining order on the mother. But Indian Law still do not have such provisions. Who can help such children? And How can they help children from being abused by their own?

28 February 2010

04 February 2010

What teachers forget to teach in schools.

Apart from teaching the anatomy of the human brain, Teachers should teach children the power of the subconscious mind.

History is mostly the tale of powerful men who highlighted their own stories. Many women were not given a place in history. These men were geniuses and crooks at the same time. History also shows patterns of societies.
Not learning from history is like the person who cuts the branch of the tree on which he sits.

Emphasize the importance of the Art of listening, when teaching languages and communication.

Music is more than rhythm, vocals and notes. It is also a communicator of moods, feelings. it builds human bridges. When the vocal chord strikes the highest note, even the hardest of cynical minds stand up (Think Susan Boyle)

Geography lessons should emphasize there is only one earth and one human race, animals including and the lines of countries are drawn for political reasons.

Biases, stereotypes, and prejudices can hamper learning. An open mind is the key to life's treasures.

When teaching sociology, teach that Change is not a moment, but a movement. Every generation has its own fight and they are the present of what somebody once called "future societies ".Teach the dynamics of a society and leadership through george orwell's eyes in animal farm.

When Teachers teach mathematics, they should also tell that manipulating these numbers can turn devious for countries and corporations. Even when a few can cover themselves with gold, the rest of the people will worry to make ends meet and some will have to scramble.

While teaching the composition of chemicals in class teach that the mixture of chlorate mixtures, and dynamites cannot bring peace or buy security. Pharmaceutical drugs alone won't bring solace to a sick body. But human chemistry of love, peace, kindness,justice and fairness when measured out equally to all make Human body a bundle of joy!

21 January 2010

Will haiti become another latur?

Any region destroyed by natural calamity needs help. Help of every kind, any kind – There is no question and anybody who thinks that too much help is given to Haiti I would say that is because you are not in their shoes. When your basic existence and routine have been devastated and getting food and water have become difficult and lives are shrouded with helplessness, grim, depression, shock and anxiousness of another shock looming around the corner, “too much” help is a misnomer.

When earth quake hit
Latur in 1993 (in the western part of India) and its surroundings, the tremors could be felt in the suburbs of Bombay. At 4:00 am when you are sleeping in your third floor apartment,hearing window panes rattle, your bed shaking and the vessels in the kitchen falling down, a chill passes down your spine. And for the people who experience the earth shatter under their feet,they shudder. Among the many thuds on the ground one hears the shrieks of fear, and cries of people amidst running for one's own safety helplessly.

The state government responded with many kinds of relief in Latur– But the fact is even after 16+ years,the debris has not been removed in latur.Their ancestral homes are a rubble. The people who lived through the earth quake think that they have been cursed and consider their villages as graveyards.Familes have been wiped out.

The living have started a completely new life – Their surroundings and the villages and the ancestral homes for generations that they had to forcefully leave behind and the guilt of themselves having survived gnaw them everyday. The tremors of the earthquake and the cries of people falling under the houses never leave their memory even when time heals wounds. When I visited latur barely 15 days after the earthquake, I was quite taken aback to see tarred roads split among many heart rendering sights.

The impact of earthquakes lives on - Orphaned children, Source of livelihood, Food, Agriculture, Water, Basic Health care, Houses, Homes, Transport, Sanitary facilities, Education for children, breaking of social bonds, psychological trauma, availability of medicenes for those who depend on them daily - the list goes on.

Distribution of resources and logistics are key when it comes to immediate relief. And rehabilitation is the answer to help a town to get back on its feet. short term and long term - Well thought out and planned,not piece meal. We need village and town planners to help the town to get back on its feet. Sketchy rehabilitation in latur has left it limping. The people still live on the outskirts. Especially in a community strongly rooted in culture dictating the social patterns of living,latur still struggles.

The people in Power, and the politicians made some money under the cover of rehabilitation and some contractors and some NGO’s filled their pockets.

Will Haiti become another Latur? But always some rehabiliation is better - that's the optimist in me.

20 January 2010

I love to eat junk

You read that right. I love to eat junk - The junk that is sold at all Junk chains such as Mc Donalds, Wendys, - where I devour their chicken nuggets and fries. Everytime I pass the store I have to get in. But thankfully many do not fall on my way. The last time I went there was 2 days ago to get french fries. Before that a good 4 months ago when my friend came from India and wanted to visit the US JUNK land. His verdict - India's Mcdonalds is better than the US ! And mind you he is a marketing professor who is a brand consultant.

Most days when I pass by these junk stores the whiff of smell that passes by them can pull me in or repel me.The day it pulls me in,i have to get a small size of fries or chicken nuggets (that's the only thing I buy).The worst is the Pizza shop. Every other store that falls on my way is a pizza shop and a place near Port Authority sells a huge slice for 99 cents.I crave not to get the cravings! I was wondering weather it is mood swings that want me to eat junk! It should be. There should be no other reason. Who doesn't love all that sodium and MSG that covers the potato and the breaded chicken that was sliced and cut on a conveyor belt and packed 3 years ago!only now to be found in the plate that I eat !

There was a time when I would panic after eating this junk, but now no more. May be because of the new philosophy that I have been practising since the past few months - Eat all the junk you want!But breath as much-Jumpstart your metabolism by Pam grout is a book where I learnt quite a bit about how breathing can help in your life - No calorie counting,(I never did nor will ever do)No Gyms,No exercise classes or Pilates(I can't stand that thing)- just breathing exercises to do on the couch, chair or when I am standing in line for bus and waiting for the train or whenever I feel like it. There is a breathing exercise that I can do even after eating.

Eat sweet and salt - Enjoy food(Real). Food is not meant to be counted - all that is told on TV - EAT THIS and NOT THAT are all marketing mechanism. They are playing with the heads of normal people and putting revenues on the plate for some ! Sometimes we have to shut out all the noise mechanisms and sit down and listen to ourselves and our heart and enjoy.So Just eat and breath baby.Don't forget to do yoga-It does not require any money either.Yoga exercises your internal organs and your muscles.

p.s - junk food is trash and its place is in the trash can and it is sold in stores from where we buy and eat ! what an irony !

19 January 2010

Trying to find spring

I heard about Susan Boyle on an evening news not too long ago . On You tube, the different reactions of the audience when she walked on to the stage was evident enough to show how human beings can put down fellow human beings even before Ms Boyle opened her mouth.Everybody in the audience relished a laugh at her expense. Some scenes show facial expressions that would make them think of their judgement next time.

The audience was cynical, jeering, mockish and everybody waiting for gigantic proportions of gibberish off tune voice from a village belle in some corner of UK and to have more of their fill! May be some were even tunning their voice to boo her ?

people in the audience and the judges are all around us..

Simon, one of the judges who is known for his brutal ways of putting across evaluations (honest, i must say) also hints that 47 was old enough to be on stage while not even trying to hide the chuckle at susan's honest answers where she does not mince words in putting forth her context and circumstances. Everybody has a certain stereotype of what one is capable to do !They do,that is the problem. And people quit the fight, even before they start it.

But everybody is capable of making ordinary things look extraordinary .
Really, How old is old enough ? Is there something called the last chance?

For somebody who is trying to get some spring in her life, Susan Boyle is an inspiration.

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17 January 2010

If you owe it to anybody, you owe it to yourself

In life only one emotion should overide anyother and that is hope.

04 January 2010

This is what this year is going to look for me

I was not going to login for a long time, but here I am writing away. I think I better write because I keep talking to myself and when I write it - I am done, I am cleared. I am ready to move on. I thought I should go back to old ways - pen and paper than write such a personal post here. After a few lines my fingers ached, I wanted to add a little here and there and then another paper to be filed away? - not a good idea.I have enough paper and notes and books lying around in a small space that friends have started to say the place looks like where college students stay.

Anyways I am here and writing ..just to clear away the cobwebs in the mind. Didn't take a lot to realise what needs to be done, because I know what needs to be done. I also realised that people who are successful are people who could accomplish what they wanted. A mind without fear is necessary and that is the way to go. I have been stuck in the mud for years and I have tried to sucessfully come out of it but have gone in again. I have to begin from scratch, think of out of box ways, to accomplish - because everyone who are successful are ordinary people doing things in unordinary ways.

For some people, things have ran like a well oiled wheel, but I always had to kick in the door to make my way - . And I want to suceed now. I just want to be happy for myself, to clap for myself , to rejoice in me as aperson - I deserve that because I am a grateful, nice, intelligent, wise, intuitive, peaceful human being. I am saying positive things, because I believe it will come true. ..It is coming true. I want to live in the present and not in the future and definitely not in the past. I am seeing that in my husband's life, because inspite of his fragile health, he keeps chugging away. He is not giving up. And I have never given up till now either, I get depressed, frustrated and upset because things have not been going so well, inspite of never stopping to try. So I am not going to give up...Never Ever..I have gone through hell for many years , but yet I will persever for my happiness as a human being and be successful and be accomplished and . ..So Yes I can do it... I reiterate to myself ..I am a happy, successsful, accomplished, thinking, intelligent human being who is going to clap for myself this year, this month, this week and every week--And this is coming true. I am going to say this to myself everyday so that this is what this year is going to look for me. And I am going to share my goodness with others too as always.

An, And now go ahead write your goals on paper and put it in your wallet. The cell phone would have been great isn't it , but the keys are too small -so the paper it is for writing specific goals.There you go An, You will be ...NOPE..not will be....You are . ..The Present , Remember. You are going to do it this year..so when you look at yourself at the end of every month, at the end of every week, you know you are accomplishing for yourself and most important feeling happy about the outcomes. RESULTS are KEY.

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