20 January 2010

I love to eat junk

You read that right. I love to eat junk - The junk that is sold at all Junk chains such as Mc Donalds, Wendys, - where I devour their chicken nuggets and fries. Everytime I pass the store I have to get in. But thankfully many do not fall on my way. The last time I went there was 2 days ago to get french fries. Before that a good 4 months ago when my friend came from India and wanted to visit the US JUNK land. His verdict - India's Mcdonalds is better than the US ! And mind you he is a marketing professor who is a brand consultant.

Most days when I pass by these junk stores the whiff of smell that passes by them can pull me in or repel me.The day it pulls me in,i have to get a small size of fries or chicken nuggets (that's the only thing I buy).The worst is the Pizza shop. Every other store that falls on my way is a pizza shop and a place near Port Authority sells a huge slice for 99 cents.I crave not to get the cravings! I was wondering weather it is mood swings that want me to eat junk! It should be. There should be no other reason. Who doesn't love all that sodium and MSG that covers the potato and the breaded chicken that was sliced and cut on a conveyor belt and packed 3 years ago!only now to be found in the plate that I eat !

There was a time when I would panic after eating this junk, but now no more. May be because of the new philosophy that I have been practising since the past few months - Eat all the junk you want!But breath as much-Jumpstart your metabolism by Pam grout is a book where I learnt quite a bit about how breathing can help in your life - No calorie counting,(I never did nor will ever do)No Gyms,No exercise classes or Pilates(I can't stand that thing)- just breathing exercises to do on the couch, chair or when I am standing in line for bus and waiting for the train or whenever I feel like it. There is a breathing exercise that I can do even after eating.

Eat sweet and salt - Enjoy food(Real). Food is not meant to be counted - all that is told on TV - EAT THIS and NOT THAT are all marketing mechanism. They are playing with the heads of normal people and putting revenues on the plate for some ! Sometimes we have to shut out all the noise mechanisms and sit down and listen to ourselves and our heart and enjoy.So Just eat and breath baby.Don't forget to do yoga-It does not require any money either.Yoga exercises your internal organs and your muscles.

p.s - junk food is trash and its place is in the trash can and it is sold in stores from where we buy and eat ! what an irony !


BK Chowla, said...

My opinion is and experience is that one must eat ever, go ahead,ear what you can.y thing without worrying calories.
What is important is exercise.As long as you are able to burn the calories

odzer said...

See here is the thing : If nothing else its the Salt that will kill you. I do indulge occasionally but I prefer restaurants to junk food chains. By the way I can tell you this Indian Mc Donalds is better than Japanese Mc Donalds :-)

However the problem with Indian Junk food restaurants is the limited amount of items on their menu. So they are rather boring. The thing that you have to remember is that you can eat whever you want to eat but as long as it is REAL food but unfortunately they are only feeding you cardboard at these places.

Anonymous said...

I like Indian junk food much more - things like Chole Bhature, samosa, gaja ka halwa, full cream lassi and Alu chaat...
So I have made it a rule to start nibbling on shredded cabbage and carrots before the bhature. Chole is fine, I leave the gravy behind... constant reminders to oneself that this is harmful help in curtailing the intake :) Or I order fruit-chaat instead of alu-chaat (potato fried and curd and chickpeas and mint chutney added to it). Or chaach or soya-milk instead of full-cream- lassi or just a small glass... and I try to eat something healthy before these treats. Junk food is my vice but it helps to not be starving when it is sighted :)
I wonder why don't they make lots of money by serving healthier 'junk food'... it would be such a hit!!
The thought of food being three years old and MSG and salt is scary!! It should be banned or taxed and healthier food be made tax-free!!

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Sorry to tell you but you are off the mark. Very much.

Correct breathing is certainly of paramount importance and I know that Indian Yoga has made a specialty of this.

But we humans need three things to live physically: air - water - food like a car that requires gasoline, air, oil and water to run correctly and for a long time.

To disregard one of these vital ingredients means trouble. Not today, not tomorrow but if you make important mistakes in your food intake you have to pay for it. One day. It depends on your constitution when.


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