04 January 2010

This is what this year is going to look for me

I was not going to login for a long time, but here I am writing away. I think I better write because I keep talking to myself and when I write it - I am done, I am cleared. I am ready to move on. I thought I should go back to old ways - pen and paper than write such a personal post here. After a few lines my fingers ached, I wanted to add a little here and there and then another paper to be filed away? - not a good idea.I have enough paper and notes and books lying around in a small space that friends have started to say the place looks like where college students stay.

Anyways I am here and writing ..just to clear away the cobwebs in the mind. Didn't take a lot to realise what needs to be done, because I know what needs to be done. I also realised that people who are successful are people who could accomplish what they wanted. A mind without fear is necessary and that is the way to go. I have been stuck in the mud for years and I have tried to sucessfully come out of it but have gone in again. I have to begin from scratch, think of out of box ways, to accomplish - because everyone who are successful are ordinary people doing things in unordinary ways.

For some people, things have ran like a well oiled wheel, but I always had to kick in the door to make my way - . And I want to suceed now. I just want to be happy for myself, to clap for myself , to rejoice in me as aperson - I deserve that because I am a grateful, nice, intelligent, wise, intuitive, peaceful human being. I am saying positive things, because I believe it will come true. ..It is coming true. I want to live in the present and not in the future and definitely not in the past. I am seeing that in my husband's life, because inspite of his fragile health, he keeps chugging away. He is not giving up. And I have never given up till now either, I get depressed, frustrated and upset because things have not been going so well, inspite of never stopping to try. So I am not going to give up...Never Ever..I have gone through hell for many years , but yet I will persever for my happiness as a human being and be successful and be accomplished and . ..So Yes I can do it... I reiterate to myself ..I am a happy, successsful, accomplished, thinking, intelligent human being who is going to clap for myself this year, this month, this week and every week--And this is coming true. I am going to say this to myself everyday so that this is what this year is going to look for me. And I am going to share my goodness with others too as always.

An, And now go ahead write your goals on paper and put it in your wallet. The cell phone would have been great isn't it , but the keys are too small -so the paper it is for writing specific goals.There you go An, You will be ...NOPE..not will be....You are . ..The Present , Remember. You are going to do it this year..so when you look at yourself at the end of every month, at the end of every week, you know you are accomplishing for yourself and most important feeling happy about the outcomes. RESULTS are KEY.


virginia said...

This you should know: you are a wonderfully honest writer, and the fact that you can express yourself so well in a language that was not your first, speaks to your intelligence.

Writing is more effective (and cheaper) than therapy.

I for one, will never go back to paper. Whoops, never say never.

The words struggle in your head, and the best ones survive the trip to your fingertips. And, there's always the delete button.

Perovskia said...

I loved this post.

It's been a while, so I wanted to say hi. Hi :)

You're on to a great start! You know what you need to do. Find a source of inspiration (though it sounds like you may have already).

You're a wonderful person. Keep going :)

Happy Kitten said...

Happy New Year Anrosh..

may all your dreams come true.....

Anonymous said...

You really are a wonderful person An..though I dont know you in real life..whatever I have come to know of you in thsi virtual world tells me that what your friends say is true :)

I will always remember what you said..
Happy people attract happy people :)

life gives what you ask of it An...
if you dont ask for anything you wont get for anything...but if you pause , take a deep breath and ask for your heartfelt desire oh!then..then life will give you more than you had ever imagined :)

it might take a while but it will happen...
THIS I believe with all my heart:)

much love to you and your Husband :) warm wishes for the two of you:)
God bless you both :)
may this year(and the years to come) be full of all that you have dreamt of dear AN :)

you are already on the way I can see in your words :)


Anrosh said...

virginia - thank u. i think i showuld have wrote - being productive - that is what i am looking for.

thanks perovskia : i read a book 2-3 months ago and have been rereading it since then called - the power of the subconsious mind by dr. murphy - so it has been a getting down to shift life - it is an attempt to make things better and nice -- one life, isn't it?

thanks HK

Hi Indyeah - thank you for reminding me my own words and fore reminding what others said too. when all things will work I will share my joy too in the blogworld ! :)

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

i feel for you.

was wondering what would your take be on my posts, New year - happy or unhappy, and God's pet.it's my little philosophy which makes the sun shine on whatever i see.

must admit THE PWER OF SUBCONSCIOUS MIND had something to do with the evolution of my world view.


May 2010 bring you contentment and peace.

Anrosh said...

hi kpj - happy or unhappy ? i do not want to categorize myself. as you say in one of your posts - autosuggestion works - every productive, accomplished person seems to be saying that..

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

oh yes. it does work. i can vouch for it.

live in the moment. therein lies the key to hapiness. like u said, we dont want to live in the past or future. one is over. the other uncertain. the only certainty is the moment we inhabit. relish and celebrate it.

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

You don't give any particulars so I don't know what is amiss. Anyway, instead of the customary "best wishes, bla, bla, bla", let me tell you what our Chancellor Otto von Bismarck said on the subject, more than 100 years ago: "You are not born into this world to achieve happiness but to do your duty".

Up to you to do what has to be done.


Anrosh said...

georg, your mayor seems to be talking about a mytholigical character called Arjun -- may be have just read the mahabharat !

corine said...

Go for in Anrosh! Read 'feal the fear and do it anyway'. Me I'm a fearful person and my goal this year is to take action. I'm incapable of living a fearless life, but I'm realizing that successful people aren't those without fears, but those who have learned to act despite the fears.

Vinod_Sharma said...

An, sorry to be here so late. I wonder how I missed it.

An, the little that I know of you tells me that you are a genuine, warm-hearted person with malice for none. People like you often have to go through the grind, though I don't know why. But, given your perseverance and faith, I have little doubt that spring is already in the air. Smell it, feel it, love it, live it, moment to moment, day to day.

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