19 January 2010

Trying to find spring

I heard about Susan Boyle on an evening news not too long ago . On You tube, the different reactions of the audience when she walked on to the stage was evident enough to show how human beings can put down fellow human beings even before Ms Boyle opened her mouth.Everybody in the audience relished a laugh at her expense. Some scenes show facial expressions that would make them think of their judgement next time.

The audience was cynical, jeering, mockish and everybody waiting for gigantic proportions of gibberish off tune voice from a village belle in some corner of UK and to have more of their fill! May be some were even tunning their voice to boo her ?

people in the audience and the judges are all around us..

Simon, one of the judges who is known for his brutal ways of putting across evaluations (honest, i must say) also hints that 47 was old enough to be on stage while not even trying to hide the chuckle at susan's honest answers where she does not mince words in putting forth her context and circumstances. Everybody has a certain stereotype of what one is capable to do !They do,that is the problem. And people quit the fight, even before they start it.

But everybody is capable of making ordinary things look extraordinary .
Really, How old is old enough ? Is there something called the last chance?

For somebody who is trying to get some spring in her life, Susan Boyle is an inspiration.

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Vinod_Sharma said...

This background and font size are pleasant.

Yes Susan Boyle is the perfect affirmative answer to the many doubts that assail many of us.

Anrosh said...

thanks vinod

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to my son watching 'American Idol', all these shows can be so insensitive and the reactions do reflect on our attitude of judging a book by the cover... and then read this post. I agree Susan Boyle is an inspiration!!! Watching the video again just to watch those expression.

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