28 February 2010

04 February 2010

What teachers forget to teach in schools.

Apart from teaching the anatomy of the human brain, Teachers should teach children the power of the subconscious mind.

History is mostly the tale of powerful men who highlighted their own stories. Many women were not given a place in history. These men were geniuses and crooks at the same time. History also shows patterns of societies.
Not learning from history is like the person who cuts the branch of the tree on which he sits.

Emphasize the importance of the Art of listening, when teaching languages and communication.

Music is more than rhythm, vocals and notes. It is also a communicator of moods, feelings. it builds human bridges. When the vocal chord strikes the highest note, even the hardest of cynical minds stand up (Think Susan Boyle)

Geography lessons should emphasize there is only one earth and one human race, animals including and the lines of countries are drawn for political reasons.

Biases, stereotypes, and prejudices can hamper learning. An open mind is the key to life's treasures.

When teaching sociology, teach that Change is not a moment, but a movement. Every generation has its own fight and they are the present of what somebody once called "future societies ".Teach the dynamics of a society and leadership through george orwell's eyes in animal farm.

When Teachers teach mathematics, they should also tell that manipulating these numbers can turn devious for countries and corporations. Even when a few can cover themselves with gold, the rest of the people will worry to make ends meet and some will have to scramble.

While teaching the composition of chemicals in class teach that the mixture of chlorate mixtures, and dynamites cannot bring peace or buy security. Pharmaceutical drugs alone won't bring solace to a sick body. But human chemistry of love, peace, kindness,justice and fairness when measured out equally to all make Human body a bundle of joy!

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