30 April 2010

Now in gourmet magazine !

I was in no mood to blop today, but this post cross linked on apartment therapy did it for me. 10 years ago - exactly in 2000 when I was in school, this was how I catered to my sweet tongue .

I smothered the bread with butter and grilled it on the pan. When the bread was hot and toasty, broken pieces of chocolate would go on top of the bread and would stay there till gets melted- from snickers to hersheys - chocolate with 70% cacao was not found in my college town neighborhood of syracuse then.

Fast Forward when I found the joys of 99% cacaco - - I have repeated this several times over. when the smell of butter and the taste of chocolate attack my nerves in the brain - melted chocolate on the bread it is.And if an icecream box is within my hand's reach - a plain old vanilla icecream scoop goes right in -

Whoever said that butter and chocolate on a simple toast of bread couldn't be raised to such elevation of glory...and now found in gourmet magazine!

16 April 2010

Oats - of a different kind.

When oats is cooked we don't put sugar so each one can eat oats the way they like it. I like it savory.

saute half a diced onion and add minced garlic. if you have baked garlic on hand,the better. Towards the end of carmalization add half a teaspoon of dijon mustard. Chop a teaspoon of herbs - whatever you have. sage, thyme and rosemary is what was added to a cup of oats.

Lots of fresh black pepper always adds flavor - you know it.

I also added a tablespoon of yogurt to the melange of oats and the smiling caramelized Onion & garlic.

... and before I knew it I had cleaned my cup.

Thank You Oats, you helped me postpone my weekly grocery trip to tomorrow.

06 April 2010


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