16 April 2010

Oats - of a different kind.

When oats is cooked we don't put sugar so each one can eat oats the way they like it. I like it savory.

saute half a diced onion and add minced garlic. if you have baked garlic on hand,the better. Towards the end of carmalization add half a teaspoon of dijon mustard. Chop a teaspoon of herbs - whatever you have. sage, thyme and rosemary is what was added to a cup of oats.

Lots of fresh black pepper always adds flavor - you know it.

I also added a tablespoon of yogurt to the melange of oats and the smiling caramelized Onion & garlic.

... and before I knew it I had cleaned my cup.

Thank You Oats, you helped me postpone my weekly grocery trip to tomorrow.


BK Chowla, said...

All I know is that Oats is extremely good for stomach and HDL

Ugich Konitari said...

No strips of Jalapeno pepper ? :-)

Anrosh said...

UK : you could defintely put jalapeno.

shail said...


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