15 May 2010

Bombay’s Frankenstein.

1. Remove the larger than life size hoardings on Hospital Campuses, Heritage Buildings, Electric poles and every little wall space that you have encroached. You ooze narcissism. You have defaced the city, just like you deface the people. You have made goondaism and violent behavior look normal.

2. You did not hesitate to kill your own son. You made it look like an accident and went scott free. A taxi driver mentioned this to us, when he pointed to us your Toyota SUV , that passed by us. Now you have seemed to have passed on the torch of violence and anarchy to your other family members. Your bribe and “hafta” seeking corrupt behavior has become your personal trait.

3. You encourage lethargy, unaccountability, irresponsibility in Bombay Muncipal Corporations and Muncipalities where you prevail.

4. You threaten the law enforcing machinery and treat them like your concubine. Your attempts to create chaos since the 1960's and not having succeeded to drive out communities indicates platitudes of your arrogant behavior and stubbornness.

5. You twist and twitter divide among the people using language as a yardstick . So juvenile are your reasons for creating anarchy that a 10 year old can see the contempt in your veins. You are a party that rapes and castrates freedom everyday and have made it look “we are like this only”.

6. Your doctrine is spreading death and terror in the city.

7. You sit in your ivory towers, scheme and plot. You have enlisted unemployed villagers to be your Thug, Murderer and Plunderer.Mentorship in creating chaos in the city is your strength.

8. Your gang members sit at street corners and ask for name address and income. And for that you don’t mind even talking in English /Hindi and will write it down in Marathi. Outrageous is an understatement.

9.You shamefacedly abuse for no reason and show no remorse.Bombay, Mumbai and Bambai can stand by itself. Your presence is a Menace to the city. So shiv senas and your cousin MNS – GET OUT and GO ON. Leave the city just like you hid when Bombay was attacked on 26th of November. You will be fine only till critical consciousness of the people is dormant.

10.Shivaji, the Maratha whom you have idoli-zed turns a 360 in his grave. You disgrace your own Marathi community and they are afraid to tell you to your face.You treat the suburbs of bombay like a bewitched stepmother. Kids still study under kerosene lamps and candles because of rampant power cuts. Ironing clothes before going to college and work is a luxury, because one never knows when the power goes off. Their taps run dry most of the day.And drinking water in the tap comes once in 6 months! Leisurely shower is only a dream when one comes home sweaty and smelly after spending an hour plus ride on the local train. Everyday life for a suburbanite in Bombay is getting difficult every day. Your neglect is astounding. You have conveniently forgotten about Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Jalgaon, Osmanabad and other districts. Your memory loss needs immediate treatment.
May be it is time I send you a map of maharashtra.

You have been shouting that every migrant should learn Marathi - In the last 60 years you have not organized marathi classes in Bombay.

You have sidelined the kolis, who are the natives of the city. Your construction company have toppled more "wadas" and erected buildings. You have forgotten the tribals and increased deforestation. Bonded labourers still live in the state. Are the farmers being killed ? and You make them look like suicides? Is it because you are stealing their water and giving it to farmers who are "production agriculturalists" Or GRabbing their Land. We will never the real reason, Now Do we? In your eyes all these things look perfectly okay because you have blood shot eyes.

The famous paithani is now seeing darker days. Weavers are loosing their age old skill. And Warli painters seldom pick up their brush because there skill does not bring them their bread and butter. The only arts that you have been promoting is - welding a lathi and danda!

Recently I was in search of a restaurant in Bombay because i love - misal, thalipeeth, usal --- And with great difficulty I found one.

Marathi Theatre, Lavni,tamasha ( and other dance forms which i myself do not know but exist) and marathi movies have lagged behind because they do not have funds.You have made no attempts to showcase to the many migrants who would like to get a glimpse of what this is all about. Your dominant culture is spreading mayhem, mayhem and more mayhem.

Bombay has been loosing its vegetation since a long time. And you have destroyed Mangroves in Thane for decades now.

Many people from differents parts of the country have wanted to see the city of Bombay, but your party made no provisions, until recently a tourist company started one.

The color saffron which has been revered for centuries and now which you are identified with have been stained with peoples blood. You and You alone are the creators of destruction and not what you claim in your websites or rhetoric speeches. Your actions speak volumes. Need I say more.

I rest my case.

Image credits: A search on google. Clicking on the images will lead you to the website of these frankensteins.There are many others but I just wanted to write about these two.


BK Chowla, said...

Having lived in Mumbai for long--it is not one political outfit, but the entire clan of political culture have destroyed this city.

Anrosh said...

BKC : i am surprised that you left a comment.

the shiv senas and mns influence has been so penetrating that marathi speaking kids ( children of 8- 9 years old are telling other non marathi speaking kids ( who are now 3rd generation - that maharashtra is not their state because they are not a marathi speaking generation. i have a lot of marathi speaking friends but the manifestation of such behavior of kids is due to the influence of parents at home,
When children expereince such aliention, it echoes volumes

my catharsis on other dr.jekyll's and hydes of india for another time.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder if a state belongs more to the people who have the DNA of the 'original' people of that place. I have Marathi speaking friends (with non-marathi grand parents born in other parts of India) who have grown up in Maharashtra but they felt insecure when the anti outsiders campaign was in the news - while my Marathi friends who have lived away all their lives and speak only a little Marathi, feel Bombay, Pune 'belongs' to them. And an autorikshaw read, " Mee Maharashtra cha, Maharashtra Majha'... so do places belong to the people whose grand parents were born in those states?

Anrosh said...

who doesn't want to flout their ego in associating themselves to prosperity and high glamour and bombay is associated frequently with that.

it is not about bombay - if it was timbaktu in the state of gujrat and had a great glamour quiotent, these people would like to associate it to that - it is as simple as that.

shail said...

Well said. Goes for the Frankensteins in other states too I guess.

Anrosh said...

frankenstein in bombay exists because all the tata's, birlas,ambanis, all the diamond merchants from bombay,the hiranandani's and even the guys from corporations of foreign companies come and do "salam" at thackrey's feet - the sena gets more energized.

Peppy said...

business people and merchants have to do that bcoz d right to giv licenses and permits for setting up business lies with so-called leaders. got this linkage, in order to complete "the vicious circle" from the movie Guru (Courtsey: Mani Ratnam n team)
As if bizz people r the only beneficiaries of industries! as if it is only their need to set up enterprises and make money and generate employment.. huh!
:( :(

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