18 May 2010

Letter to Nandan Nilekani on his concept of democracy.

To Nandan Nilekani:

I just saw your talk on
TED.com and couldn’t resist in writing however late to the party. You have been an economic leader, by putting Infosys on the map of the world,but whom you have joined is the Nehruvian feudal socialistic Government who has been playing Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. Hence I wouldn’t expect you to do anything fruitful,though your intentions might be honorable.

This letter is mostly about your concept of democracy.

“Democracy came to India 60 years back” Wrong. – The British government transferred power to MR. NEHRU, who ensured that the prime minister’s office can be his children’s children’s children’s children.

“ India is an open democracy” – WRONG again.

The Indian concept of democracy starts and stops with casting of votes, which are mostly pressurized and rigged. There is nothing bottom up about it as you say. The political framework and the next generation of MPS’s in the parliament indicates a feudalistic and socialistic form of government. NOT Democratic.. The bottlenecks of the legal and justice system and the functioning of current governments from panchayat to the municipal corporation indicates the disillusionment of the concept of current "indian democracy". It clearly indicates a socialistic framework - You will agree with me as you read further.

In the last 60 years the Jyoti Basu government in Bengal has left the man women and kid on the street with a begging bowl but has amassed for his children and future generations. UP, BIHAR and Haryana have only turned ghastly with every passing year – BIMARU – if translated into hindi – BIMAR ho gaya hai. When political leaders hand out wad of notes and a bowl of rice to hungry people and provide water for few days before the election indicate downright exploitation of peoples poverty?

Still languishing at the bottom threshold of the hierarchy of people and with a mai – baap attitude, doesn’t 95% of the population behave subserviently?. And yet after the election the politicians abuse the very same voters through 5 year plans which have landed up in more trouble every year ? – some yojnas work partially and most fail fully.

The Indian democracy of 60 years have put Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura and ASSAM infested in the hands of People who have chosen to choose their own uprising. China has drawn closer.

The government wrings their hand in despair hearing the name of Kashmir. And this includes the landless Naxalites in Andhra who have chosen to ATTACK and be dead, than live like a vegetable. Kerala’s young population lives in the deserts of OMAN, Kuwait and Dubai, to earn their bread, because the communist government in Kerala which has existed for many years do not allow any industries to set up camp.

The cotton grown in Punjab is causing Cancer because of heavily infested chemical pesticides. And the trade policy which has allowed Monsanto to come into india which is notorious for their GMO products indicates callousness of the current indian govenment.
Political –International corporate nexus of HEDGING of India is the concept of Indian notion of Democracy..

Nehru and his successions, and other faux political leaders Owns lands that have been grabbed, or stolen. They own industries that produce toxic chemicals for UK and US, and other Asian countries. ..So the carbon emission would only continue increasingly..

Some of the politicians are production agriculturalists who export more and float the policy that there are a shortage of pulses and the common people still have to eat kaccha kandha and mirchi for dinner. Some others own the lion’s share of shops, cinema houses, educational institutions, thus indicating a hegemony of rule in their constituencies and nearby. Yet Some others own their “Goonda security mechanism to take hafta from small business men and small time farmers.

Thus Indian Political machinery have distribution rules in place that will only benefit themselves. This would not have been the impact, if it was democracy, in its original idea.

You are a phenomenal Economic success story but your concept and idea of democracy needs correction.

Have you forgotten that Nehru Family and his children own the Indian Treasury. And according to Nehru, he allowed only himself and his family to live like a king. When Mr. Nehru came for a visit to one of the IIT’s he said that such big rooms are not necessary. Divide it into half ! You sure have heard this story when you did your graduation. Nehru lived like an imperialistic king in the land of one of the most poverty-stricken country in the world, followed suit by his children’s children’s’ children.
How much more clearer it needs to understand that Indian democratic concept has become the establishment of Nehruvian Kingdom.

You speak about Nehru even after 60 years because his policies and politics have left India struggling and His five year plans supports the continuity of Bureaucrats who pretend to have expertise on every subject matter. Even today An educated Indian studied in India will find lesser place in the Parliament and those who have received their degrees from UK,and US universities who are sons and daughters of yester year generation politicians who owns billions will land a seat in the STAte or National level because
pedigree is Godliness under the Indian idea of democracy!. And hiring bollywood actors for permanent seats in the parliament is an atrocious statement of the indian concept of democracy !!!

Thus India’s political Machinery DOES NOT support DEMOCRACY according to Lincoln, but succession of one’s own heirs and others. - Especially for the Nehru Family. Otherwise how can 4 generations of Nehru still be on the throne.It is only but logical. Nehru died in 1964, that’s almost 46 years ago and you are still touting Nehru on an international arena ? – Such a strong grip over a successful Indian citizen’s psyche!. I am shocked that you mentioned his name. In all your understanding of creating a success story like Infosys I expected better.I am sure you have thought about the concept of democracy as it should be as you develop performance benchmarks in your various divisions of companies, but has your yardstick fallen so low ?

Rightly speaking Indian Administrative Service should be called as Nehru’s Administrative service. Nehru’s police service. Nehru’s Foreign service force, and Nehru’s forest service. With all the 5 year plans in place India was going Bankrupt in 1991.– IS this that it is afraid to lose the bureaucrats who will run the government, when the political leaders spend on an average 15 trips abroad for vacation in an year and put this on the tax payers bill ?

The fact is that Indian Political leadership is like a man on the donkey with a cell phone, because though you can talk to your cousin in Finland with the press of a button, Indian Legal System can deliver justice only after 26 Years. ( verdict of Union Carbide gas leakage in Bhopal )

The indoctrination of Nehru ingrained into school going children by celebrating nehru’s birthday as children’s day is outrageous. No wonder Indian citizens find it difficult to differentiate Nehru as a loving uncle or a kans mama (wicked uncle).Indian children has been thus captured young and the process has been slow and long.

May be you need to check about your concept of freedom once again. And even the finest economic development of India will not reach the corners of India,until India becomes FREE from the NEHRuvian FAMILY RULE, until INDIA becomes FREE from the Nehru ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE and NEHRU FOREIGN SERVICE Who but WORK PERSONALLY FOR THE NEHRUVIAN FAMILY and not INDIA.

You know it better than I do that Development does not come in boxes. It is systemic. And since I have explained the Indian concept of “Indian democracy” above. LET me tell you what INDIA NEEDS. India needs ITS FREEDOM. Not a white wash but a complete overhaul.

I am curious - have you already accepted defeat ? Is that why you joined the current form of government? Is this because you cannot beat them?

Sanjeev Sabhlok is already talking about the freedom struggle FROM the Nehruvian FEUDAL Government.Call him. Or in your next visit to Australia – meet Him.
Sanjeev has something to say to you that you have never ever heard before, and isnt’t that well worth your time?

Thank You for your time


Uncommon Sense said...

what about the solutions,, just cribbing about the problems is nothing new

Anrosh said...

Uncommon Sense

You would not have commented wht you wrote, if you had checked my link on Sanjeev in the last para, until the link is not working - because when I last checked it was.

What India needs is a complete redefinition of its current system-and I have mentioned that.

And I did not want to pretend I am another NAS pretend having half baked answers.

May be you should check the link in the last para. and You should get the starting point of the answer if not the complete.


Smitha said...

Anrosh, The site that you linked to is so interesting! Makes one wonder why the people at the top seem to be oblivious to such thoughts an ideas.. But then again, why will they be interested, the current situation allows them to milk the system to the max. It allows them to make money for themselves and for generations to come.. So what if the people of India do not benefit :(

Thanks for sharing Sanjeev's site - it is very very interesting to read.

odzer said...

Don't worry so much. This country is going to fall apart soon. The end has begun. It is a lost cause not worth wasting your time on.

Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

This outrage was really needed now.
We have one set of people who are forgetting what had happened in past which led to this sarcastic situation inside our nation, another set are those who are just following what was happening from before i.e. exploiting the mass, third set who are ignorant of all these.
Those who needs to act by learning from history are just not at all worried in democracy. Look at the % of voting in urban areas. And they are not even bothered about who is ruling them as long as they have enough money in pocket to enjoy! On the other side those who are really exploited by politicians are the people who are actually electing them. The % voting in rural area reflects the same. But they still don't understand what are their rights. So finally those who know about freedom and rights do not contribute for being it equally available to all and those who don't know are still becoming ignorant.
That site look very interesting. Which gives a silver lining of hope that fight is still on. Some part of people are making it sure that exploiting can not continue with ease. Education is the key to achieve the democracy and freedom. When I say education it is not textbook education (which still glorifies Nehruian Yojanas), but the education in real sense.

Annaita Gandhy said...

Well done, Anrosh!
Odzer: can't have a loser attitude; what we think, we create. if we wish to see positive changes we must first choose to have positive attitudes- that's part of the problem.

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Democracy has been invented in Europe by its people. And this system of government can only work when a majority of the citizen adhere to its principles in their DAILY life.

So the very most pressing question is do I live a democratic life, yes or no.

When the British left India they showed you one possible way of governing a country. And over the years you changed this according to your daily behavior.


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