06 September 2010

art and life

The best form of art is life itself. Artists attempt to capture some aspects of it - in any dimension they perceive. Yet some art is appreciated for centuries and some only for a few minutes -- Is it hype? I am trying to understand. Do you understand ?


Uncommon Sense said...

Its random luck

BK Chowla, said...

It is not hype.It depends as to who has been promoting a concept and how many page 3 people talk of a certain subject or the creator.

Anonymous said...

They say about literature, that the writings which expresses some universal truth are apreciated for centuries.

Perhaps it is the same about Art?

The Holy Lama said...

It isn't hype.It's classical beauty that attracts. Only those that sit beyond the changing factors, speak of perennial elements, virtues, feelings continue to be appreciated centuries later.

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