09 November 2010

Breaking Points

I switched on Oprah at 4.28 and whom did I see ? George Bush. Mr. Bush has a book coming out tomorrow,Decision Points and I am unable to figure out whom is he preparing the ground for now. - Hillary wrote a book before she was nominated for the senate seat, Bill Clinton wrote a book after, Obama wrote the audacity of hope and a book by Craig Robinson, Mrs.Obama's brother was published a few months ago. Do you see a pattern here ?

If it was not the bad decision of the war and the financial bust,it is no secret that Jeb Bush would have been the president now. It just so happens that the senate is captured back by the republicans and the democrats just managed to win the house by 5 candidates. The democrats and the republicans are pulling the country into 2 different corners little realizing that they are both skidding - 2 wars, the financial fall off, and the economical wheel being unable to spin.

We joke among our friends - commit a big blunder and confess it on Oprah and you may be pardoned. Looks like the president was seeking an Oprah audience to be excused ?! We all know well enough that decisions are taken by the Presidents entourage and the President is only there to deliver the decision and still the attention is on him - good or bad and red carpet too !.

Middle class America is the reason which America is known in the world for its efficiency, effectiveness democracy and opportunity. It is also the raison d' etre for many immigrants, but that is being currently corroded

If the policies has started to erase this middle America, then it will start to look like the tribal Countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle east - where a handful of families control the countries maximum resources. Democracy slowly erodes away when politicians chip away at reason and rationale enabling 0.1 % of the people to control the 26% of resources of America(I read this on the net. sorry, forgot the the link )

Decision points sounds more like a misnomer. Breaking Points sounds right.

Edited: I got up in the morning and edited it again !


Anonymous said...

Can't help wondering too. I am quite sure that Bush would have something up his sleeve.

And I also wonder who would want to buy/read his book? But I am sure he has his followers.

Bix said...

There does seem to be a breakdown of our middle class. I agree. I see more power resting in fewer hands. Those hands belong to the wealthy.

I don't know how true it is, I'm not a historian. But things feel different than they did in the 50s and 60s. More polarized.

Georg said...


The United States are a democracy for about 250 years. Those ups and downs you are mentioning can be corrected by its people every four years.

But as YOU are living in this country aƩnd doing well, you might ask yourself what you can do pesonnally to help redress the situation.


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