31 December 2010

Keeping up with the times

A new decade is just around the corner. I try to keep up with the times but..

1. You still own a flip phone.
2. You struggle with text mail.
3. You are learning a new language for sending mails and chat. - acronyms and icons.
4. You still have a desktop.
5. Without facebook you are loosing face.
6. Mac or Windows - Figuring it out.
7. You still are playing Tennis/badminton on the court and not on WII.
8. Monsanto vegetables are not your staple.
9. You read more in print than online. Learning to read books on kindle requires discipline.
10. Your colleagues still do not know your whereabouts unless you inform them via phone.
11. you have kept your work place and home distinctly different
12.You Do not use avtaars.
13. Virtual friends are lesser in number than friends whom you might meet for a beer/coffee.
14. Your social networks online have not increased triplefold.
15. Twitter has not become your News line.
16. Your views on gender/race discrimination is not known widely because you do not comment on blogs.
17. You do not have one more thing to hide from your children - your blog and your social network connection.
18. You want kids to stop competing at Net Lingo.
19. Your cell phone and lunch do not sit adjacent to each other.

20 December 2010

The overnight climb by sarah palin.

If there is one person that has become famous overnight it is Sarah Palin in the US. No pedigree and No Washington connections. Considering that Ms Palin was the governor of Alaska and in any local washingtonian's language - Alaska is a different country,Palin was handed the cherry on a plate.

we must appreciate her for taking the risk to become the Vice President nominee when she was well, 3rd or 4th in the line of candidates, when the chances of a republican win was quite slim. While others spared themselves from being the guinea pig Ms Palin Grabbed the opportunity by the horns, just like she would when she is hunting an alaskan moose.A "foreigner" to Washington,the potential VP needed introductions in her own home territory, the Republican party. Yesterdays anybody,today's potential Vice President nominee. The Ascend was quick and steep. But She had the experience of being picked up by an old senator, an oil bigwig who spotted her for Alaskan politics.

Sarah Palin has to become famous - for getting many wrong right.Now that is what politicians are not known for. And sarah just did that – inappropriate phrases, wrong facts,in correct geography,an illusion of space – for eg: she can see Russia from Alaska.Her resume wasn't long enough to draw more mistakes. Or was she just used to keep up with the high tide of politics, by pure luck? Only this time this tidal wave has continued to be long - long after the presidential elections are over and the current mid term election bells ringing wildly for the republican win,Palin is continuously in the spotlight. The PR of Republican party definitely has a winning strategy in Ms Palin to be a magnet of attraction.

She is scouring interviews on every channel and multiple shows, is a political consultant/commentator(!) with Fox, has her own TVshow and is an author, with a ghost writer, all in a short span of little over 2 years. No small feat,eh,for somebody who could not make up the mind in what she should major in and transferred 2-3 colleges for doing her Under graduation. Is she a late bloomer? Or May be not quite so.I
can not quite put the finger on what she is talented at, but she is able to keep a handsome roof over her head and bring home the bacon with additional dollops of butter.

In political discussions and when spoken about republicans, a question without and about Ms. Palin is not a complete interview. We have got to hand it to her that she is the whipping horse for the party (could be her job description). Without doubt we can assume that she must be paid generously for her job, and so has a reason to stick to it. She can draw crowds and her name can initiate a laugh for no reason.

The name Palin is an icebreaker.10 year old kids have a hearty laugh at her expense. Sarah palin has thus tickled us - young and old without gender/race bias and thus bridges a generation gap between the nintendo kids and those of us who have an aversion to video games. other members of her family are catching up. The palin name was leveraged by the dancing with the stars show this season.

Political historians will etch her name in history, that’s for sure. Sarah has blazed the trail for many of the Ms. Kansas, Ms kentuckys for a future in politics. In finding a VP material in Sarah Palin,the white boys club of republicans have opened the door even to those who does not have to pretend to understand foreign policy or important matters of state.When did the popular quote, Wisdom comes with experience become a cliché’?

19 December 2010


In our journey of Life
When our brain begins -
To Think,
To Imagine,
To Dream,
To Draw,
To Plan,
We want some of them to Come to Reality.
So, we think again.
Imagine again,
Dream Again,
Focus on our dreams.
And Begin to give them Life.
When the dreams
Get a form,
A shape,
They are called Gifts.

16 December 2010

The politics of Voice

“It may seem, at first glance, that the majority is the dominant force in every society, but those who dramatically change their world, now and throughout history, always belong to the minority.”
Read more here.

15 December 2010


Have you been naughty or nice this year ? Santa rewards come your way if you are nice, that's what we tell children.But what do we tell ourselves? Do you want gifts or Do you want miracles? I need miracles. What do you want?

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