31 December 2010

Keeping up with the times

A new decade is just around the corner. I try to keep up with the times but..

1. You still own a flip phone.
2. You struggle with text mail.
3. You are learning a new language for sending mails and chat. - acronyms and icons.
4. You still have a desktop.
5. Without facebook you are loosing face.
6. Mac or Windows - Figuring it out.
7. You still are playing Tennis/badminton on the court and not on WII.
8. Monsanto vegetables are not your staple.
9. You read more in print than online. Learning to read books on kindle requires discipline.
10. Your colleagues still do not know your whereabouts unless you inform them via phone.
11. you have kept your work place and home distinctly different
12.You Do not use avtaars.
13. Virtual friends are lesser in number than friends whom you might meet for a beer/coffee.
14. Your social networks online have not increased triplefold.
15. Twitter has not become your News line.
16. Your views on gender/race discrimination is not known widely because you do not comment on blogs.
17. You do not have one more thing to hide from your children - your blog and your social network connection.
18. You want kids to stop competing at Net Lingo.
19. Your cell phone and lunch do not sit adjacent to each other.


BK Chowla, said...

It takes a long time and effort to change. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Interesting list! Compared to many others I am much behind the times. But I don't mind-it's best to do what works for ourselves!

Best wishes for a very happy New Year ahead, to you and yours, Anrosh!

Happy Kitten said...

Guess one need to change only if necessary. and since you seem to be happy the way things are, isnt it the best?

A very Happy New year to you and your loved ones.

Anrosh said...

text messaging has become an imp tool !

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