30 December 2011

Family Tree.

"A tortilla is either corn or wheat

A corn tortilla folded and filled is a taco,

Whereas a filled wheat tortilla is a burrito.

Deep fry a burrito, it’s a chimichanga.

Toast a tortilla, its a tostada.

Roll it, its an enchilada."

- From the movie, ONE DAY.

25 December 2011

Christmas Cheer 2011

A steel vessel with a copper base sat on the stove. In went 2 cups of washed bulgar wheat and a cup of amaranth.

While the amaranth and bulgar wheat boiled together,a cup of masoor dal was boiling alone on the adjacent stove.

One cup of chunky Tomatoes,2 cups of diced gherkins,and a handful of dried curry leaves joined the amaranth and bulgar wheat boil.

In a cup - 2 table spoon of curd was whisked thoroughly. Shortly it was accompanied by a teaspoon of cumin and fennel seeds,2 pods of grated garlic, a pinch of turmeric, a dash of salt and 3 table spoons of grated Khopra(dried coconut). The aroma they exhaled indicated they enjoyed the company of each other.

The last dance happened soon : the amaranth-Bulgar wheat pool met the khopra-curd melange and the boiled masoor dal. All the three steamed together and became the Holiday cheer.

With gratitude I had a bowl.

19 November 2011

notes to self

"If you argue correctly, you are never wrong" from the movie Thank you for not smoking

23 October 2011

notes to self

There is no future, only the present.

17 October 2011

American Protests 101

The hatemongers of the protest movement on Wall street has started speaking. Around the world peaceful protesters would have been tear gassed, 'lathied' and burned. It has not yet happened in America. The naysayers and the media pound hard every day on the news that the protesters are ignorant, and uneducated who cannot make their "ASKS".

When the financial , market and legal wizards on wall street and Washington, unscrupulously manipulated every deal in the book and made some up every day, the media turned their heads the other way. Needless to say that the media were and are allies of the American corporates and could (and can) only propagate and be a mouth piece of the giants with the green dollar truck. They toast every evening to the finest champagne from France, under the finest chandeliers and eat on the finest china. Together they judge the people as they see fit, to heal their bruised ego.

So when peaceful protesters are protesting about the government's blind eye towards law breakers, media is faithfully working overtime. Tinkering and tampering the reputation of a crowd,(who may form their own demands eventually)who picked up the courage to protest. History often writes the stories of people who are steadfast and courageous. It is not a small feat that people from different parts of the country come together to protest against the compounding chains of wall street et al. Such single mindedness in thinking that something needs to be done about the after effects of stealing but has not figured out exactly what should be done and have made themselves available together is a key ingredient of a developed society.

Leaderless no doubt, the crowd is peaceful and is conveying its message using banners in parks where they do not block or interfere normal living. Common everyday folk who were happy to go to work and come back to their family everyday have assembled themselves to protest against the shameful act exhibited by the people whom they voted to power. Organizing themselves is the very trademark of American Society and its power.

Protests in America was,is and should be as American as apple pie.

Movements and protests , helps country to shake up the imperialistic tendencies that all rulers- democratic or otherwise have. The protesters can echo what George Washington said many centuries ago: "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair."

Do we have any wise and honest left ?

12 October 2011

The data Snatcher.

Internet has made the world accessible on our finger tips. Google search has narrowed it down to name and place , but Facebook is tempting us to give our privacy away. Foursquare, always demanding to know where we are . Now why would I do that ?

Would you ?

When we " Google" for information, we also give our information away. Few months ago, Google started collecting phone numbers ? If we have one email address, it is highly possible we are on the net. Without not much effort or time- if we continuously read or write blogs we give so much of our information away .

Facebook, The virtual community on the net where we spent a considerable time has had a ugly hood for long, but the convenience of information at our beck and call leads us into temptation. Technology did not promise us privacy or security. It helped and made us all easily available. Unfortunately we are egalitarian citizens of the net, which we find otherwise difficult.

09 October 2011


Source : downloaded from the net.

05 October 2011

Steve Jobs

"What makes steve's methodology different from everyone else's is he always believed that the most important decisions you make are not the things you do but the things you decide not to do."
More on Steve Jobs .

01 October 2011

notes to self

The first rule in life : Figure it out.
The last rule : Refer to the first one.

When one is bouncing with ideas, write down to find out what is tangible and what is executable The rest of the ideas are a like a cup of good coffee. It takes you on a high note to reach reality.

The difference between Human beings and animals are Humans can dream and live it. Animals just cannot do that.

One can not go forward in life, unless she keeps her one foot behind. You need both feet. One is always in the front and the other ALWAYS behind.

BELIEVE is a word least understood.

10 September 2011

A dent .

This blog has become my impromptu diary in the past few posts.

..I bumped into another car while I was on my way to work. Each of us escaped unhurt and safe. The airbags were intact, but the car and the pick up truck suffered ! Having enquired the truck drivers safety, I called the police, the insurance company,went to the car body shop, hired a rental and was back at work..all in 3 hours. I tried to say to myself it is a good day. On my way back I ran over a bird (why it did not fly away when the car was approaching is beyond me) went to the groceries, showered and cooked dinner.
I did not go over the day but the accident remained at the back of my head.

The rental car is a new age hippie car which does not need a key in the ignition. Feather touch, the engine does not roar and it is silky smooth when it is on the road. It took half an hour to figure how it works today morning!
Half an hour to figure out how a car works?!
Boy, Did I get mad but not a whisper left my lips. To add to it, the smell of new car upholstery in my nostrils wanted me to leave the scene, but could not. The sun shone into my eyes and my hands were getting hot. I was surprised I was very calm and just wanted to drive out the car from the side of the road that was parked. It did not help that there was a run-athon on the next street. Finally,the engine started,and a task that was postponed for many days accomplished, made me a chipper. And it was followed by a brunch...I am hoping the rest of the day is quiet, and prepares me for the next week.

I will still be thinking of the the pick up truck driver to be okay and the vehicles to be given a new life again !

I still cannot figure out how I did not see the pick up truck sooner. I just ran into him screeching my brakes . ..Isn't that what is an accident. ?

03 September 2011


Happy Birthday to you !

Add each day and it becomes a month and months turn into an year.
Add years, and these become years to our lives. We like these years, because we are growing in body and in mind.We are being shaped. Every birthday is a celebration of added years to our lives and breathing life into these years is when we enjoy them.
However our initial joy of birthdays starts having a tinkering of sadness when we realize we are also aging. Aging in years. Though it is till the truth of the matter, we say we are becoming old. And old should we become - And that starts happening the minute we are conceived in a woman's womb, And if that growing does not happen we will never be born either !

So in the happiness of growing every day and adding life to your years and years to life - drink in fresh air and toast to a day of Happy Birthday everyday. It is lucky to grow old.

26 August 2011

Mashed Potatoes, my way

A lb of potatoes - I use sweet potatoes often. But would use any potatoes that I would have on hand, sometimes use a combination of both.
Bake them. And mash them. ( I leave the skins on )
Add baked garlic - 7-8 cloves .
Freshly ground pepper .
Add 4 table spoons of cooked amarnath grain.
A tablespoon of olive oil makes the mashed potatoes rich.
A handful of basil leaves,when I have it my balcony garden.

25 August 2011


The best Vacations are
without a camera.
without a guidebook
and away from the tourist destinations.
no timetable
breakfast at lunch and lunch at dinner
no hurry to finish seeing the city that you are visiting.
talk to the localities, buy them coffee.
stand and look around.
talk to the policeman, they have too much information to give and ask them where you can go
read the local newspaper
enjoy the air.

15 August 2011

It will bring Joy.

  • We need MORE farmers than doctors - we will solve the problem of diabetes and obesity. More on this later
  • We need vegetables , fruits and herbs grown in the old fashioned way (organic ..yes i know the vegetables die faster .....)
  • Stop producing toys which need batteries. We have yet to learn how to dispose batteries safely.Children are happiest playing with pots and pans from the kitchen. Haven't you? Instead of reminiscing the good old days, create them.
  • Studies have shown that metal scrap thrown in the rivers of developing countries have caused cancer.(60% of cancer patients in India are from Calcutta,where fish is heavily consumed as their staple diet)
  • Malfunctioning trade policies cause cancer. - More on this later.
  • We need to move more, than live in the moment - we will live a healthier life.
  • We need to live as a community - come for social gatherings - singing, dancing and doing the merry go around together - We will need lesser therapists.
  • First -learn to do, than learn "How to do". Take joy in doing.
  • Wear Nature
  • ENJOY breathing - Oxygen is free - Take in as much as you can.
  • when you read a book - do you wonder why the author wrote the book? Try and Read between the lines.
  • Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing
  • STOP over vaccinating our children. Though it fuels pharmaceutical investors it reduces the immunity of children and often jeopardize happy lives.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are strategic to come up with clever cover ups that it is difficult to detect the cause effect relations of immunizations and their harm.
  • Physicians have partially lost their judgment because federal rules have overpowered them and the fear of being sued makes them merely a follower of rules.They know too well that it is harmful to vaccinate a child with 2 or 3 immunizations at a time. When the government overpowers and corporates rule the lives of citizens and families in democratic countries, citizens become slaves.

07 August 2011

Two different pairs of eyes

Sita gets a call from her father,"your mother is very angry with you."

"why? what did I do now ?" She spoke into the phone half drowsy.

Two days ago Sita told her mother that she would not follow up on a matrimonial ad for her brother. The parents had already communicated to the "boy" who is in London, who may or may not have send an email. While the parents hesitate in insisting with their son, they did not mince words in conveying that the same does not hold true for her.

Sita politely refused, at the same time pointing out the differences in perspective towards the male gender, which she has always done while growing up. The same parents had kept Sita away to not influence her sister, who was born, raised and educated in Bombay and now lives a sad life in the village of Kerala, a decision taken by her mother.

Nostalgic memories of parental(mostly mother) treatment due to gender differences flooded her mind.
The parents had pressurized their son to do an MBA in a "phoren" university, but curtailed their daughters dreams to study abroad before marriage. For them the end goal of educating their daughters was a good marriage with as less dowry as possible.

Same set of eyes, but their view changed every time they looked at the boy child who is the mothers favorite. Sadly the father has no say,because his wife beats him down. The father keeps quiet because 2 empty vessels will increase the insanity of the house, little realizing that his silence has caused much harm to one of his daughters life.

When Sita talks about her dreams to her mother, she always has an immediate reason to hang up the phone - At that point there is someone at the door, or something is boiling on the stove, or the granddaughter needs immediate attention or she comes up with a reason that she has to attend to which cannot wait any longer. Sita knows that as long as her father is alive, he is silently cheering her and that keeps up her spirit.

When the time has come to get the best matrimonial deal she can for her son, the mother is roping in the daughter whom she physically and emotionally abused and may be even detests !

31 July 2011

Fueling the economy, but helping you become sick

If any company that need to be shut down tonight it is COKE and PEPSI ! It ranks highest on the list for helping you to get sick, sicker and sickest. Diabetes, Obesity, heart attacks - bring it on.
More Later.

29 July 2011

Give Peace a Chance

"On a scale of things, Peace, may be the highest form of Value. Human beings are animals and are still evolving - We are a long way from becoming Human and Peace so much farther away.

We like change and stimulation . Is Peace only found in the stillness ? The waves of the ocean is the sound that soothes our body and mind. Peace can be found in the confusion and chaos of things. Why should it be calm?
What do you think ?

27 July 2011

Confessions of an investment banker

Profile: a Ph.D ( operations research ) drop out from Columbia University, His guide’s refusal to agree with his thesis , forced him to drop out than compromise and manipulate his findings.

An unorthodox jew, Russian immigrant he came as a student to the US. He has been working in the bank for more than a decade.

Political Affiliations: Democrat.

Confessions : I refuse to believe that I come to work in a bank every day. Banks are A ponzi scheme backed by the government giving the legitimacy to continue. I am instrumental in robbing every day, wearing the best clothes, looking smart and sounding overconfident. Fully aware of what I am doing, I am forced to come back every day.

What keeps him coming to work every day : I need a paycheck and the best thing I can do is what I do ---

24 July 2011


Apple:for my dad it is still a fruit.

for me,it is technology gone glamorous!Can't keep off Apple ? This Apple everyday, every time is drawing your doctor
closer . Watch OUT !

Tex-ting: It is the instant gratification: that somebody saw your message even if she did not want to pick your call. You felt good, because you caught her attention. Instant text is gratification intensified - You are satisfying yourself , whenever you want it , wherever you want it.You keep checking for texts- You want it all the time. Don't tell me you don't - You are lying.

17 July 2011

You meet thousands of people in your life, But you will only need one person to touch your life, your soul and heart. Though there will be disagreements, and fights and agreements I will be happy to walk right next to you as long as possible. Never did I think when I first spotted you in the hallway with the dirty sandals, the ugliest shirt and trousers, that one day we will get married. We only need us to tell us We are good together. Happy Life ! We are here .

04 July 2011

Thank You and Grateful

He started teaching me life lessons even when I was a kid.
A man of few words, but much wisdom, he spoke less frequently !
But he continued speaking to me. I didn't understand anything then,I started understanding a few,some years ago.
Now We speak the same language !
Does Life come a full circle ?

28 June 2011


FOOD DOES NOT COME IN A BOX. And it is not food if it lasts for an year !

23 June 2011

Stealing in Broad Day light

I cannot get over the fact that Americans did not protest, or raise a hue and cry over the fact that Wall street stole from them. Is Democracy walking on its last leg in America? The press lied to the teeth and the Journalists ran under cover.

With the Republican government keeping an iron rule in this country, the citizen squirmed in fear....It reminded me of India. We do not talk about the shiv senas on the train in Bombay. Many Rich Indians do not pay taxes, and steal from the government bank in terms of loans that are never paid...that is why some people stay poor even when they work very hard every day.
People become poor when they are exploited of fair wages.

It is the imperialistic tendencies to keep the people squirming...those are countries that are termed "Under developed", because people are squished under the tyrannical power of the ruler - democratic/dictatorial/monarchical/communist government. Is America moving in the direction of a third world country? Is America becoming like Saudi Arabia where 6 people control the oil wealth of the country? Where democracy thrived and freedom reigned, people are unable to raise their heads and say - give my money back. Even Courts and Judges lose the power of justice in a tyrannical land.

The testimony lies in the fact that young people do not have jobs, the corporates are cutting back pay, basic health care is becoming a luxury and illness means bankruptcy.The ponzi scheme called the insurance has its roots every where, and only a chosen few can grow in wealth and want to keep it that way - yes, this is the new America of the early 21st century.

Like the under-developed countries, where without connections, power and corruptions thrives even in the parched land, America is also starting to see the same colors...

05 June 2011

....a great lunch.

..To get a break from work, I walked into a restaurant primarily to collect my thoughts and also grab a bite. The area has a large international population and Spanish speaking outnumbers everybody else, just like almost every other metro downtown in the US generally is these days. By the door, they had put up pictures of how food looked like - I spotted the one in banana leaves and seeing my curiosity, the people at the table understood that I may not understand Spanish and was quick to explain the food. How warm I thought ! I did not even ask , because there was nobody else to be spotted around.

The restaurant was more a hole in the wall and I waited impatiently for the restaurant owner/waiter to turn up. A woman with blondish red hair appeared and in Spanish motioned me to sit at any table . She apologized to me that she spoke little or no English and our warm guests on the other table continued to translate for me. The owner apologized again for not speaking English ! Growing up, I heard many languages in my neighborhood and was accustomed to non-English speakers ...The idea of not speaking English was not foreign to me, because as a child the first langauge I spoke was not English.

Why should she apologize for not speaking English? In essence America was not an English speaking country before the Europeans came on the shores. Most of the Europeans who came to the US knew polish, dutch, german,italian and their respective native languages. When I was in Zurich recently and the receptionist at the hotel did not speak English fluently either. Finding a way to communicate, I thought I might practice the little french I knew. She said she didn't speak French, which surprised me, because I went by the fact that Europeans know many languages,which she did . She spoke - Italian, swiss-german, Portugal and Spanish and broken words of English to get by !

And wouldn't you like to know what I ate - Tuna and mashed raw banana in spices steamed in banana leaves with Tamarind/Tomato salsa ! Can it get better than this? I was greateful.

30 May 2011

quoted from the movie - Fair Game.

The offense that was committed was not committed against me, it was not committed against my wife, it was committed against all of you.

Now, if that makes you angry or feel misrepresented, do something about it. When Benjamin Franklin left independence Hall just after the second drafting, he was approached by a woman on the street. The woman said, " Mr Franklin, What manner of government have you bequeathed us ? and Franklin said , " a republic , madam", if you can keep it.

The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few, we are strong and we are free from tyranny as long as each of one of us remembers his or duty as a citizen.

Speak out ! Ask those questions.

29 May 2011

keep writing

Diaries are treasure chests of information and therefore knowledge. UNEDITED.We know History through them. So keep writing your diaries. Our next generation will thank us more. In a fire,after you pick up your near and dear ones, rescue your diaries.


Does Education Kill Creativity?
...I think it does .

28 April 2011

when the thief becomes the police, he does not break any more law !

23 April 2011

U turn

An intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and a rational mind,a faithful servant.
Albert E.

Energy is equal to Courage times two that you develop in your mind.

Miracles and Joy always.

20 April 2011

Bite the bullet

it matters whom you know MORE than what you know.... How many will admit this is true?

16 April 2011


is being green a passing fad?
have you grown vegetables in containers?
have you worked in a rice paddy field?
do you keep water for the birds?
who are designers?
do you excel at physics?
do you sew?

are you friends with the Saudi Prince?
do you like to negotiate contracts?
do you like to model the next medical insurance company?
do you have a recipe for clean energy source?
can you create jobs for millions of jobless people?
can you sail?
do you have a question for the poor man on the street?

do you pay it forward?
do you spend your time in helping someone else find themselves?
don't you think the concept of bottled water - all the way shipped from 1000 miles away is wrong?
Isn't it time that Pepsi, the junk food company should be shut down?
where do the musclemen of governments hide?
why do entrepreneurs lie about their incomes?
do you pay in cash or use credit?
doesn't government steal the taxes ?
fashion is ----------?
ipad is -------------?
do you watch movies as if you are the film director?

do you find opportunity in every difficulty?
are you resourceful or do you own more resources?
do you see clutter or organization?
do you see problems or solutions?

are you disillusioned about harmony?
do you under estimate planning?
do you believe in yourself before you succeed?
do you dream a little?
do you live in the present?
do you wish your past was better?
do you celebrate birthdays?
do you enjoy seeing fireworks?

isn't everybody an artist?
wall street gambling or casino?
why do you expect linen to be free from creases?
why are people afraid to wear colors and patterns?
is politics good?
do you like summer or winter?
vegetables or meat?
chutney or sauce?

do you feel powerful?
do you tell white lies?
do you like twitter?
do you wear jeans?

do you like rice and fish?
do you like the government that is in power?
do you think brand manager does the perfect job of lying?
if you are not on social media do you feel like an outcast?
do you prefer to text than make a call?
do you think you kept in touch with friends more because you tweet, text and email more?
do you like facebook?
do you like red rice?

do you like black rice?
do you like balloons?
will you wear green trousers to work?
do you love butterflies?
do you like taking the train to work?
do you cook your own breakfast every day?
do you like to mop?
do you like flowers in your hair?

do you like to lead a group of people?
do you like to start your own company?
do you like to make your company laugh?
do you like to be the center of attention?
do you like to live in an island for a one full month with no contact to the outside world?

do you like?
china or india
cambodia or south africa
ireland or scotland
mexico or canada?
nature walks or swimming?
city or suburbs?
the darkest night or the brightest morning?

do you like the green grass more than the trees?
water or wine?
beer or lemonade?
trousers or skirts?
plate or bowl?
glass or cup?
white sheets or patterned sheets?
big windows for your apartment or small backyard?
socialism or capitalism?
lead or follow?

would you like to ask a question ?

11 April 2011

Four seasons and a Decade.

The weather was the best that we have had in months. When I left in the morning for work I carried a jacket as a refuge, lest the weather play games with its icy wind in the evening. When I left in the evening, it was still the crisp weather and I was so happy that I did not have to put on the jacket , because there was no cold wind either ! That's how nice the day was.

The tourists were outpouring on the streets - some looking at the giant pulleys in the sky, some towards the construction site at the world trade center. some looked worried, some clicked photographs and some sat on the stairs and looked on as if they were waiting for somebody in the crowd.

The church across the street was swarmed with crowds. where do they come from ? The graveyard adjoining the church also became a tourist spot. Outside the church was a tourist guide explaining, with pictures in hand.- NY is always full of tourists - ALWAYS. standing, starring, window shopping. The food carts are a savior and the hot dogs though overpriced have long lines. And the regular subway riders have set goals - reach the office in time and to get back to the train that will take them home.

while the tourists seem to be savoring their NY minutes ,some reminiscing, and going nostalgic about the days before September 11, 2001. I stay warped in time.

After 2007, wall street has shaken up to the extent that - the confident men and women who once wore an "I shall not be crushed "look have loosened up . For somebody who has been coming to this area for so long as more that a decade the streets wears new detours for vehicles, new temporary staircases, new set of shops,another group of vendors. It always has new temporary walkways and one has to ask directions !

New WTC buildings have been built and life seems to go on as it should be. Has it,I wonder ? Should it have been better Or am I growing Old ... That I want to hold on to the good old past before 2001 and look away at what has happened to our lives since then. But then as I write this, wisdom tells me to Believe,good times is yours. Joy and Miracles always.

09 April 2011


“…We ‘preserve’ folk songs, at the same time that our way of life destroys the singer…we are proud of our museums, where we display the damning evidence of a way of life that we have made impossible.”

- Quoted here.

07 April 2011

This morning on my way to work, many thoughts crossed my mind as usual about what to blog. I thought I will write about the boy who lost his mother at 5 and was raised by his grandmother and who is emotionally closer to his daughter than his wife and who finishes 70 years of living on this earth.

And then I thought writing about - Numbers - Yes, everything is driven by it. At the end of the quarter you have to meet the numbers. You have a deadline to meet. You have a sales target. And even a doctor has to bring back his patient as a repeat client again and again. The sharks ( shark tank on a tv channel) remind us again and again - however ugly it may sound - in life we also need and knead about money - profits, sales and losses. When you loose, somebody gains and the goods or services has to be passed around with or without a transaction.

Today I did not have to buy a ticket or park the car at another spot in the morning and still reached the training program that i am attending a good 45 minutes late. My excuse is I had woken up at 3.30 in the morning because I was expecting a mail from a business partner and a friend. And also checked a couple of blogs and turned the pages of an interesting book that I have bought in a long time : Saris , An illustrated guide to draping by chantal Boulanger , a french anthropologist.

When I returned home, the lunch was carried forward for dinner and there were many left overs ... You will be wondering why I am writing all this - events not linked to each other and I have still haven't written how was the day --Just because I do not like to carry work home because I have spent a full 8 hour (lunch including ) and it is exhausting. If I have to work tomorrow I would rather not think this evening because tomorrow may not be productive. But this much I must tell you I loathe carrying the laptop to work - I literally do.

I like my electronic gadgets to carry me and me not carrying them.
I might make no sense of what I have written --- but that is just about what this post is going to be -- Sometimes the events of life does not make sense at all - Even when we use the best of glue, scotch tape or heavy duty tape to patch it all and make it look beautiful, the fibre of life looses texture, takes on the wear and tear, picks up dust, and color ,but that is also what gives leather a beautiful look of its own - All this is good because we need all of this amalgamation -Isn't the best food - sweet and sour and savory and all in the right proportions. Life is NOT a straightline.. Life is indeed a miracle and gift. And I certainly need many miracles ..Enjoy. Yesterdays future is your today's present .

03 April 2011



.....invest in others success , be a little inconvenient for yourself and convenient for others. it makes this world a better place .

.....it is better when we have everybody on the finishing line, than alone sometimes. We need a crowd to succeed. it makes this world a better place.

.....Pay it forward. it makes this world a better place.

.....Curves make even the straight line look beautiful !. it makes this world a better place.

- Author. All these words are not my own. Some heard and Some read.

28 March 2011


Science knows no boundaries. Politics and Power draws boundaries.

For couples/people who cannot conceive, test tube babies are a boon. In societies where a girl child is of lesser value, the parents have the power to abort a child if the "germinated seed" is a girl.

In order to reduce the shortage of food, agricultural science have reached the frontiers where technologies have caused more harm than good - The company Monsanto propogates many such.

Can technology create human beings who will manifest human behavior which will take decisions to look after the welfare of the human race without boundaries ?

Can science create technologies that can kill the evilness and narcissism in human beings?

Technologies bow down at the decision of Human beings. Science is only a servant, While Men reigns.

20 March 2011

More than Oranges!

( source : a friend send this in an email. he didn't mention the source. i would like to find out. do you know ?)

19 March 2011

Living with less ?

"I am learning to live with less" has become a fashion statement made by all and sundry who live in mac mansions, own yatches, airbuses, and who keep up with the Milan fashion color and styles.

More than half of India lives in poverty and thanks to the recession,poverty levels have increased multifold in the US.
In the last 2 years alone 2 million children have joined the ranks of poverty !! Which means they do not have to make an effort to live with less. May be they are homeless and live in a shelter, their parents struggle to make a wage, they were evicted from their house, rely on food stamps for food, clothes and supplies from thrift shop a norm and the list continues.

In India, one does not have to make an effort to have less- Poverty stricken kids do not get a chance to go to Muncipality schools either(for US readers - Read as public schools in the poverty capital of the US:Newark, New Jersey) and if they do dropouts are common when the kids reach class 7 or 8, because parents cannot earn enough to put food on the floor(they have no table either) and cannot afford to buy books.

A piece of ladoo (an indian dessert)is luxury. They sleep outside in the summer because there is no electricity at home. Their shacks leak during rain and the dishes are washed in a bucket of water.Going to the Hospitals/clinic when sick - means giving a pound of your flesh to the Doctor or they die sick. They cannot afford to buy a disposal syringe,because it is expensive and public clinics in India are dismissal! Sometimes when free medicines are given, without consent of sharing information,they are considered as guinea pigs for US Pharmaceuticals.

Sanitation is very poor and Drinking water is a rarity and is priceless.footwear is something that you can do without. If they have one,they share among family members or with their neighbors.The political leadership of India gives a damn, because they consider people under poverty level menial to their pets at home. However, the politicians buy votes from them, by handing over bunches of currency notes and making sure that they have a week of drinking water in the public taps, a few days before and a little after the elections. Thank God, air is free, because they definitely cannot see themselves buying that!

Does all this read a grewsome picture? But that is what "Living with Less " really looks like. You have to make an effort to get through the day and sleep exhausted. Hope does not exist in their dictionary of life. The secret of the universe is not known to them.

13 March 2011

The best gift that you can give

To yourself : Believe in Yourself.
To Your children: Believe in Them. They might not be wizards in physics or maths wizard or a music genius. And the world is made of more than them. The world is made of you and me - doing ordinary things extraordinarily. Live Big. and Keep it up. The world will follow. and Miracles happen. I need them everyday.

04 March 2011

Can you raed tihs?

Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs psas it on!!

- Suorce: a frworoedd eaiml.

27 February 2011

The role of a human Being

"Preserve the past
Honor the present
And shape the future."
I have to keep this in mind when I loose my way and I heard these words at the oscars a few minutes ago.

The oscars, is a visual candy at first sight, but in hindsight - it is a celebration of people who pursued their dreams, had the courage to believe in themselves and focussed on their goals and executed the tasks, but MOST of all they are people who had a vision.

While they designed for others and put imagination into creating reality for us to watch from the comfort of our living room, they visualized for themselves first. They had created the movie before it was even made ! Their dedication and discipline is unparallel.Creative ... day after day.

Entertaining others while working for themselves is Tremendous Talent - Writers, set designers, scriptwriters, art directors, make up artists, costume designers, the list is endless. They are relentless in their art, have limitless energy and their passion shows through.

21 February 2011

High School Education.

I was wondering today,if I would do things differently when I did not forsee things. I didn't recognize my hometown when I was there last year. You will understand what I mean in just a second. When I was in town and the taxi driver asked me in which direction should he turn, I had to go to a pay phone and ring up my father to ask how should I home. Lesser still, I did not recognize that the car reached the town itself because I have never been to that part of town - I had reached that part of town which was once a remote location. Once the Outskirts of the town, now it was a bustling business location. I am avoiding to write the name of the town and place to prevent mischief mongers and sociopaths in leveraging their information for their anti social activities. That being said I will move on to the next point, which has no relation to the first - The number of High school years in the US. It should be increased to 5 instead of the usual 4.

Here's why:

# While teenagers are struggling hard to find themselves and asking "relevant"questions of - who am I , what am I doing here and trying to carve their identity , thus breaking free of the 14 year old controlled priveleges from their parents, additional school work and concentrating on school work, among social activities becomes difficult.

# And when social activities these days are more online than before, should I say the development of "actual social knacks and interactions have decreased and therefore one more year in high school would help.

# Also,ROI for my money and time that I did not choose a wrong major in college. Especially this extra year is good for those students who may also not want to go to college but develop some skils that may be offered at school and move on with life.

# Most average students need extra time to understand trignometry and calculus and the laws of physics. Some gets it in 5 minutes, others in 50 and still others take 5 hours to understand the concept. - This extra one year is for those students who are perseverants , but do not want to get caught between the shortage of time and understanding - It is better for the society and it is better for such students who want to learn, and are not cut short on time. Give this perseverant students a little more time and your community will become a more enlightened one. Not only because he has the foundations for maths right, but for the understanding that he does not have to give up, just because it takes a longer time to learn and understand the concept. It also builds confidence and self esteem and the belief - Yes, I can do this and I should be able to do anything if I set my mind too. It is more than just maths skills, but learning life skills which are crucial, that will help us further down the road.

I think I have made a case. If I give a little more thought to develop my case, I think I should be able to make it even more convincing, but that is for a different time. I jotted this down so that I remember to develop on this.

05 January 2011

Letter writing

...Is it a lost art ? May be, may be not. In fact these days I feel inclined to open a mail with a hand written address on it immediately before opening the rest. Long ago when phone calls used to be expensive, I would send hand written letters to my parents. I would make my own letter pad with my face as a watermark on the page and write on it. When I was younger my mother would joke that she would preserve my letters. I have never asked.

Last year I asked my dad to write letters to me - in his native language or in English or any other language he felt comfortable with. I wanted him to write and still do. It is good enough even if he writes a sentence - about what he felt at that moment. Anything is good enough, but write. I just want to keep his hand writing with me. The idea behind this is to soak in the moments of time when he spoke the same things many years ago, because parents do say the same things repeatedly in different contexts. When they would be long gone, we would have stories to tell our future generations.

Though there are many books to read about the past, to read what your great grandparents thought, would bring a sense of wonder. They would be well worth inheritance for the next generation. I would have loved to receive them. I would have cherished those bites. There are many bytes that revolve in this digital generation but bites do bring a sense of surprise or.. I don't know. May be then these letter bites will balm our soul and the nostalgic memories will give us new lessons.I don't know!


When Doctors say there is no cure, I still believe there is. And that is called a Miracle. I need that for someone special.

03 January 2011

Life is a miracle -

you have read me writing on this wall that i need miracles. i got mine on the 24th of december. Both of us were standing at the platform on canal street station waiting for the train. It was around 6 and since it was christmas eve the usually crowded station wore a deserted look. we had not waited for long when a huge block of ice fell from the ceiling inches away from us. We looked up and saw that the ceiling was hollow. Since all these platforms are underground , water may have accumulated and had become ice ? But how can water accumulate on a ceiling? This was before the huge snow storm that struck the next day. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had, but why should I ? In a few minutes we boarded the train and we went on our way... And it didn't take time to dawn on us we narrowly escaped head injuries ! - both of us ! - Miracle ? Yes. Thank You.
i need miracles - because life itself is one!

may you have your miracles in this calendar year.

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