05 January 2011

Letter writing

...Is it a lost art ? May be, may be not. In fact these days I feel inclined to open a mail with a hand written address on it immediately before opening the rest. Long ago when phone calls used to be expensive, I would send hand written letters to my parents. I would make my own letter pad with my face as a watermark on the page and write on it. When I was younger my mother would joke that she would preserve my letters. I have never asked.

Last year I asked my dad to write letters to me - in his native language or in English or any other language he felt comfortable with. I wanted him to write and still do. It is good enough even if he writes a sentence - about what he felt at that moment. Anything is good enough, but write. I just want to keep his hand writing with me. The idea behind this is to soak in the moments of time when he spoke the same things many years ago, because parents do say the same things repeatedly in different contexts. When they would be long gone, we would have stories to tell our future generations.

Though there are many books to read about the past, to read what your great grandparents thought, would bring a sense of wonder. They would be well worth inheritance for the next generation. I would have loved to receive them. I would have cherished those bites. There are many bytes that revolve in this digital generation but bites do bring a sense of surprise or.. I don't know. May be then these letter bites will balm our soul and the nostalgic memories will give us new lessons.I don't know!

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Jean said...

What a beautiful thought - keeping the letters from our parents. I think I do have a few of the old ones left over from college days when my parents used to write to me.
No longer does anyone write, it's always calls, text messages, emails...

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