03 January 2011

Life is a miracle -

you have read me writing on this wall that i need miracles. i got mine on the 24th of december. Both of us were standing at the platform on canal street station waiting for the train. It was around 6 and since it was christmas eve the usually crowded station wore a deserted look. we had not waited for long when a huge block of ice fell from the ceiling inches away from us. We looked up and saw that the ceiling was hollow. Since all these platforms are underground , water may have accumulated and had become ice ? But how can water accumulate on a ceiling? This was before the huge snow storm that struck the next day. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had, but why should I ? In a few minutes we boarded the train and we went on our way... And it didn't take time to dawn on us we narrowly escaped head injuries ! - both of us ! - Miracle ? Yes. Thank You.
i need miracles - because life itself is one!

may you have your miracles in this calendar year.

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BK Chowla, said...

Of course, miracles do take place. It is only up to individuals to agree or not to.
I believe in miracles.

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