27 February 2011

The role of a human Being

"Preserve the past
Honor the present
And shape the future."
I have to keep this in mind when I loose my way and I heard these words at the oscars a few minutes ago.

The oscars, is a visual candy at first sight, but in hindsight - it is a celebration of people who pursued their dreams, had the courage to believe in themselves and focussed on their goals and executed the tasks, but MOST of all they are people who had a vision.

While they designed for others and put imagination into creating reality for us to watch from the comfort of our living room, they visualized for themselves first. They had created the movie before it was even made ! Their dedication and discipline is unparallel.Creative ... day after day.

Entertaining others while working for themselves is Tremendous Talent - Writers, set designers, scriptwriters, art directors, make up artists, costume designers, the list is endless. They are relentless in their art, have limitless energy and their passion shows through.

21 February 2011

High School Education.

I was wondering today,if I would do things differently when I did not forsee things. I didn't recognize my hometown when I was there last year. You will understand what I mean in just a second. When I was in town and the taxi driver asked me in which direction should he turn, I had to go to a pay phone and ring up my father to ask how should I home. Lesser still, I did not recognize that the car reached the town itself because I have never been to that part of town - I had reached that part of town which was once a remote location. Once the Outskirts of the town, now it was a bustling business location. I am avoiding to write the name of the town and place to prevent mischief mongers and sociopaths in leveraging their information for their anti social activities. That being said I will move on to the next point, which has no relation to the first - The number of High school years in the US. It should be increased to 5 instead of the usual 4.

Here's why:

# While teenagers are struggling hard to find themselves and asking "relevant"questions of - who am I , what am I doing here and trying to carve their identity , thus breaking free of the 14 year old controlled priveleges from their parents, additional school work and concentrating on school work, among social activities becomes difficult.

# And when social activities these days are more online than before, should I say the development of "actual social knacks and interactions have decreased and therefore one more year in high school would help.

# Also,ROI for my money and time that I did not choose a wrong major in college. Especially this extra year is good for those students who may also not want to go to college but develop some skils that may be offered at school and move on with life.

# Most average students need extra time to understand trignometry and calculus and the laws of physics. Some gets it in 5 minutes, others in 50 and still others take 5 hours to understand the concept. - This extra one year is for those students who are perseverants , but do not want to get caught between the shortage of time and understanding - It is better for the society and it is better for such students who want to learn, and are not cut short on time. Give this perseverant students a little more time and your community will become a more enlightened one. Not only because he has the foundations for maths right, but for the understanding that he does not have to give up, just because it takes a longer time to learn and understand the concept. It also builds confidence and self esteem and the belief - Yes, I can do this and I should be able to do anything if I set my mind too. It is more than just maths skills, but learning life skills which are crucial, that will help us further down the road.

I think I have made a case. If I give a little more thought to develop my case, I think I should be able to make it even more convincing, but that is for a different time. I jotted this down so that I remember to develop on this.

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