28 March 2011


Science knows no boundaries. Politics and Power draws boundaries.

For couples/people who cannot conceive, test tube babies are a boon. In societies where a girl child is of lesser value, the parents have the power to abort a child if the "germinated seed" is a girl.

In order to reduce the shortage of food, agricultural science have reached the frontiers where technologies have caused more harm than good - The company Monsanto propogates many such.

Can technology create human beings who will manifest human behavior which will take decisions to look after the welfare of the human race without boundaries ?

Can science create technologies that can kill the evilness and narcissism in human beings?

Technologies bow down at the decision of Human beings. Science is only a servant, While Men reigns.

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Anonymous said...

Very thought-provoking post!

Yes, it is up to us to make the best use of science and technology. If we use science inappropriately, we are to blame, not science..

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