28 April 2011

when the thief becomes the police, he does not break any more law !

23 April 2011

U turn

An intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and a rational mind,a faithful servant.
Albert E.

Energy is equal to Courage times two that you develop in your mind.

Miracles and Joy always.

20 April 2011

Bite the bullet

it matters whom you know MORE than what you know.... How many will admit this is true?

16 April 2011


is being green a passing fad?
have you grown vegetables in containers?
have you worked in a rice paddy field?
do you keep water for the birds?
who are designers?
do you excel at physics?
do you sew?

are you friends with the Saudi Prince?
do you like to negotiate contracts?
do you like to model the next medical insurance company?
do you have a recipe for clean energy source?
can you create jobs for millions of jobless people?
can you sail?
do you have a question for the poor man on the street?

do you pay it forward?
do you spend your time in helping someone else find themselves?
don't you think the concept of bottled water - all the way shipped from 1000 miles away is wrong?
Isn't it time that Pepsi, the junk food company should be shut down?
where do the musclemen of governments hide?
why do entrepreneurs lie about their incomes?
do you pay in cash or use credit?
doesn't government steal the taxes ?
fashion is ----------?
ipad is -------------?
do you watch movies as if you are the film director?

do you find opportunity in every difficulty?
are you resourceful or do you own more resources?
do you see clutter or organization?
do you see problems or solutions?

are you disillusioned about harmony?
do you under estimate planning?
do you believe in yourself before you succeed?
do you dream a little?
do you live in the present?
do you wish your past was better?
do you celebrate birthdays?
do you enjoy seeing fireworks?

isn't everybody an artist?
wall street gambling or casino?
why do you expect linen to be free from creases?
why are people afraid to wear colors and patterns?
is politics good?
do you like summer or winter?
vegetables or meat?
chutney or sauce?

do you feel powerful?
do you tell white lies?
do you like twitter?
do you wear jeans?

do you like rice and fish?
do you like the government that is in power?
do you think brand manager does the perfect job of lying?
if you are not on social media do you feel like an outcast?
do you prefer to text than make a call?
do you think you kept in touch with friends more because you tweet, text and email more?
do you like facebook?
do you like red rice?

do you like black rice?
do you like balloons?
will you wear green trousers to work?
do you love butterflies?
do you like taking the train to work?
do you cook your own breakfast every day?
do you like to mop?
do you like flowers in your hair?

do you like to lead a group of people?
do you like to start your own company?
do you like to make your company laugh?
do you like to be the center of attention?
do you like to live in an island for a one full month with no contact to the outside world?

do you like?
china or india
cambodia or south africa
ireland or scotland
mexico or canada?
nature walks or swimming?
city or suburbs?
the darkest night or the brightest morning?

do you like the green grass more than the trees?
water or wine?
beer or lemonade?
trousers or skirts?
plate or bowl?
glass or cup?
white sheets or patterned sheets?
big windows for your apartment or small backyard?
socialism or capitalism?
lead or follow?

would you like to ask a question ?

11 April 2011

Four seasons and a Decade.

The weather was the best that we have had in months. When I left in the morning for work I carried a jacket as a refuge, lest the weather play games with its icy wind in the evening. When I left in the evening, it was still the crisp weather and I was so happy that I did not have to put on the jacket , because there was no cold wind either ! That's how nice the day was.

The tourists were outpouring on the streets - some looking at the giant pulleys in the sky, some towards the construction site at the world trade center. some looked worried, some clicked photographs and some sat on the stairs and looked on as if they were waiting for somebody in the crowd.

The church across the street was swarmed with crowds. where do they come from ? The graveyard adjoining the church also became a tourist spot. Outside the church was a tourist guide explaining, with pictures in hand.- NY is always full of tourists - ALWAYS. standing, starring, window shopping. The food carts are a savior and the hot dogs though overpriced have long lines. And the regular subway riders have set goals - reach the office in time and to get back to the train that will take them home.

while the tourists seem to be savoring their NY minutes ,some reminiscing, and going nostalgic about the days before September 11, 2001. I stay warped in time.

After 2007, wall street has shaken up to the extent that - the confident men and women who once wore an "I shall not be crushed "look have loosened up . For somebody who has been coming to this area for so long as more that a decade the streets wears new detours for vehicles, new temporary staircases, new set of shops,another group of vendors. It always has new temporary walkways and one has to ask directions !

New WTC buildings have been built and life seems to go on as it should be. Has it,I wonder ? Should it have been better Or am I growing Old ... That I want to hold on to the good old past before 2001 and look away at what has happened to our lives since then. But then as I write this, wisdom tells me to Believe,good times is yours. Joy and Miracles always.

09 April 2011


“…We ‘preserve’ folk songs, at the same time that our way of life destroys the singer…we are proud of our museums, where we display the damning evidence of a way of life that we have made impossible.”

- Quoted here.

07 April 2011

This morning on my way to work, many thoughts crossed my mind as usual about what to blog. I thought I will write about the boy who lost his mother at 5 and was raised by his grandmother and who is emotionally closer to his daughter than his wife and who finishes 70 years of living on this earth.

And then I thought writing about - Numbers - Yes, everything is driven by it. At the end of the quarter you have to meet the numbers. You have a deadline to meet. You have a sales target. And even a doctor has to bring back his patient as a repeat client again and again. The sharks ( shark tank on a tv channel) remind us again and again - however ugly it may sound - in life we also need and knead about money - profits, sales and losses. When you loose, somebody gains and the goods or services has to be passed around with or without a transaction.

Today I did not have to buy a ticket or park the car at another spot in the morning and still reached the training program that i am attending a good 45 minutes late. My excuse is I had woken up at 3.30 in the morning because I was expecting a mail from a business partner and a friend. And also checked a couple of blogs and turned the pages of an interesting book that I have bought in a long time : Saris , An illustrated guide to draping by chantal Boulanger , a french anthropologist.

When I returned home, the lunch was carried forward for dinner and there were many left overs ... You will be wondering why I am writing all this - events not linked to each other and I have still haven't written how was the day --Just because I do not like to carry work home because I have spent a full 8 hour (lunch including ) and it is exhausting. If I have to work tomorrow I would rather not think this evening because tomorrow may not be productive. But this much I must tell you I loathe carrying the laptop to work - I literally do.

I like my electronic gadgets to carry me and me not carrying them.
I might make no sense of what I have written --- but that is just about what this post is going to be -- Sometimes the events of life does not make sense at all - Even when we use the best of glue, scotch tape or heavy duty tape to patch it all and make it look beautiful, the fibre of life looses texture, takes on the wear and tear, picks up dust, and color ,but that is also what gives leather a beautiful look of its own - All this is good because we need all of this amalgamation -Isn't the best food - sweet and sour and savory and all in the right proportions. Life is NOT a straightline.. Life is indeed a miracle and gift. And I certainly need many miracles ..Enjoy. Yesterdays future is your today's present .

03 April 2011



.....invest in others success , be a little inconvenient for yourself and convenient for others. it makes this world a better place .

.....it is better when we have everybody on the finishing line, than alone sometimes. We need a crowd to succeed. it makes this world a better place.

.....Pay it forward. it makes this world a better place.

.....Curves make even the straight line look beautiful !. it makes this world a better place.

- Author. All these words are not my own. Some heard and Some read.

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