11 April 2011

Four seasons and a Decade.

The weather was the best that we have had in months. When I left in the morning for work I carried a jacket as a refuge, lest the weather play games with its icy wind in the evening. When I left in the evening, it was still the crisp weather and I was so happy that I did not have to put on the jacket , because there was no cold wind either ! That's how nice the day was.

The tourists were outpouring on the streets - some looking at the giant pulleys in the sky, some towards the construction site at the world trade center. some looked worried, some clicked photographs and some sat on the stairs and looked on as if they were waiting for somebody in the crowd.

The church across the street was swarmed with crowds. where do they come from ? The graveyard adjoining the church also became a tourist spot. Outside the church was a tourist guide explaining, with pictures in hand.- NY is always full of tourists - ALWAYS. standing, starring, window shopping. The food carts are a savior and the hot dogs though overpriced have long lines. And the regular subway riders have set goals - reach the office in time and to get back to the train that will take them home.

while the tourists seem to be savoring their NY minutes ,some reminiscing, and going nostalgic about the days before September 11, 2001. I stay warped in time.

After 2007, wall street has shaken up to the extent that - the confident men and women who once wore an "I shall not be crushed "look have loosened up . For somebody who has been coming to this area for so long as more that a decade the streets wears new detours for vehicles, new temporary staircases, new set of shops,another group of vendors. It always has new temporary walkways and one has to ask directions !

New WTC buildings have been built and life seems to go on as it should be. Has it,I wonder ? Should it have been better Or am I growing Old ... That I want to hold on to the good old past before 2001 and look away at what has happened to our lives since then. But then as I write this, wisdom tells me to Believe,good times is yours. Joy and Miracles always.


Bix said...

Honest to god, it was lovely on Monday. Against a backdrop of these cold, rainy days, Monday was soooo welcome.

anrosh said...


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