07 April 2011

This morning on my way to work, many thoughts crossed my mind as usual about what to blog. I thought I will write about the boy who lost his mother at 5 and was raised by his grandmother and who is emotionally closer to his daughter than his wife and who finishes 70 years of living on this earth.

And then I thought writing about - Numbers - Yes, everything is driven by it. At the end of the quarter you have to meet the numbers. You have a deadline to meet. You have a sales target. And even a doctor has to bring back his patient as a repeat client again and again. The sharks ( shark tank on a tv channel) remind us again and again - however ugly it may sound - in life we also need and knead about money - profits, sales and losses. When you loose, somebody gains and the goods or services has to be passed around with or without a transaction.

Today I did not have to buy a ticket or park the car at another spot in the morning and still reached the training program that i am attending a good 45 minutes late. My excuse is I had woken up at 3.30 in the morning because I was expecting a mail from a business partner and a friend. And also checked a couple of blogs and turned the pages of an interesting book that I have bought in a long time : Saris , An illustrated guide to draping by chantal Boulanger , a french anthropologist.

When I returned home, the lunch was carried forward for dinner and there were many left overs ... You will be wondering why I am writing all this - events not linked to each other and I have still haven't written how was the day --Just because I do not like to carry work home because I have spent a full 8 hour (lunch including ) and it is exhausting. If I have to work tomorrow I would rather not think this evening because tomorrow may not be productive. But this much I must tell you I loathe carrying the laptop to work - I literally do.

I like my electronic gadgets to carry me and me not carrying them.
I might make no sense of what I have written --- but that is just about what this post is going to be -- Sometimes the events of life does not make sense at all - Even when we use the best of glue, scotch tape or heavy duty tape to patch it all and make it look beautiful, the fibre of life looses texture, takes on the wear and tear, picks up dust, and color ,but that is also what gives leather a beautiful look of its own - All this is good because we need all of this amalgamation -Isn't the best food - sweet and sour and savory and all in the right proportions. Life is NOT a straightline.. Life is indeed a miracle and gift. And I certainly need many miracles ..Enjoy. Yesterdays future is your today's present .

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