23 June 2011

Stealing in Broad Day light

I cannot get over the fact that Americans did not protest, or raise a hue and cry over the fact that Wall street stole from them. Is Democracy walking on its last leg in America? The press lied to the teeth and the Journalists ran under cover.

With the Republican government keeping an iron rule in this country, the citizen squirmed in fear....It reminded me of India. We do not talk about the shiv senas on the train in Bombay. Many Rich Indians do not pay taxes, and steal from the government bank in terms of loans that are never paid...that is why some people stay poor even when they work very hard every day.
People become poor when they are exploited of fair wages.

It is the imperialistic tendencies to keep the people squirming...those are countries that are termed "Under developed", because people are squished under the tyrannical power of the ruler - democratic/dictatorial/monarchical/communist government. Is America moving in the direction of a third world country? Is America becoming like Saudi Arabia where 6 people control the oil wealth of the country? Where democracy thrived and freedom reigned, people are unable to raise their heads and say - give my money back. Even Courts and Judges lose the power of justice in a tyrannical land.

The testimony lies in the fact that young people do not have jobs, the corporates are cutting back pay, basic health care is becoming a luxury and illness means bankruptcy.The ponzi scheme called the insurance has its roots every where, and only a chosen few can grow in wealth and want to keep it that way - yes, this is the new America of the early 21st century.

Like the under-developed countries, where without connections, power and corruptions thrives even in the parched land, America is also starting to see the same colors...

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