31 July 2011

Fueling the economy, but helping you become sick

If any company that need to be shut down tonight it is COKE and PEPSI ! It ranks highest on the list for helping you to get sick, sicker and sickest. Diabetes, Obesity, heart attacks - bring it on.
More Later.

29 July 2011

Give Peace a Chance

"On a scale of things, Peace, may be the highest form of Value. Human beings are animals and are still evolving - We are a long way from becoming Human and Peace so much farther away.

We like change and stimulation . Is Peace only found in the stillness ? The waves of the ocean is the sound that soothes our body and mind. Peace can be found in the confusion and chaos of things. Why should it be calm?
What do you think ?

27 July 2011

Confessions of an investment banker

Profile: a Ph.D ( operations research ) drop out from Columbia University, His guide’s refusal to agree with his thesis , forced him to drop out than compromise and manipulate his findings.

An unorthodox jew, Russian immigrant he came as a student to the US. He has been working in the bank for more than a decade.

Political Affiliations: Democrat.

Confessions : I refuse to believe that I come to work in a bank every day. Banks are A ponzi scheme backed by the government giving the legitimacy to continue. I am instrumental in robbing every day, wearing the best clothes, looking smart and sounding overconfident. Fully aware of what I am doing, I am forced to come back every day.

What keeps him coming to work every day : I need a paycheck and the best thing I can do is what I do ---

24 July 2011


Apple:for my dad it is still a fruit.

for me,it is technology gone glamorous!Can't keep off Apple ? This Apple everyday, every time is drawing your doctor
closer . Watch OUT !

Tex-ting: It is the instant gratification: that somebody saw your message even if she did not want to pick your call. You felt good, because you caught her attention. Instant text is gratification intensified - You are satisfying yourself , whenever you want it , wherever you want it.You keep checking for texts- You want it all the time. Don't tell me you don't - You are lying.

17 July 2011

You meet thousands of people in your life, But you will only need one person to touch your life, your soul and heart. Though there will be disagreements, and fights and agreements I will be happy to walk right next to you as long as possible. Never did I think when I first spotted you in the hallway with the dirty sandals, the ugliest shirt and trousers, that one day we will get married. We only need us to tell us We are good together. Happy Life ! We are here .

04 July 2011

Thank You and Grateful

He started teaching me life lessons even when I was a kid.
A man of few words, but much wisdom, he spoke less frequently !
But he continued speaking to me. I didn't understand anything then,I started understanding a few,some years ago.
Now We speak the same language !
Does Life come a full circle ?

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