27 July 2011

Confessions of an investment banker

Profile: a Ph.D ( operations research ) drop out from Columbia University, His guide’s refusal to agree with his thesis , forced him to drop out than compromise and manipulate his findings.

An unorthodox jew, Russian immigrant he came as a student to the US. He has been working in the bank for more than a decade.

Political Affiliations: Democrat.

Confessions : I refuse to believe that I come to work in a bank every day. Banks are A ponzi scheme backed by the government giving the legitimacy to continue. I am instrumental in robbing every day, wearing the best clothes, looking smart and sounding overconfident. Fully aware of what I am doing, I am forced to come back every day.

What keeps him coming to work every day : I need a paycheck and the best thing I can do is what I do ---

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