26 August 2011

Mashed Potatoes, my way

A lb of potatoes - I use sweet potatoes often. But would use any potatoes that I would have on hand, sometimes use a combination of both.
Bake them. And mash them. ( I leave the skins on )
Add baked garlic - 7-8 cloves .
Freshly ground pepper .
Add 4 table spoons of cooked amarnath grain.
A tablespoon of olive oil makes the mashed potatoes rich.
A handful of basil leaves,when I have it my balcony garden.

25 August 2011


The best Vacations are
without a camera.
without a guidebook
and away from the tourist destinations.
no timetable
breakfast at lunch and lunch at dinner
no hurry to finish seeing the city that you are visiting.
talk to the localities, buy them coffee.
stand and look around.
talk to the policeman, they have too much information to give and ask them where you can go
read the local newspaper
enjoy the air.

15 August 2011

It will bring Joy.

  • We need MORE farmers than doctors - we will solve the problem of diabetes and obesity. More on this later
  • We need vegetables , fruits and herbs grown in the old fashioned way (organic ..yes i know the vegetables die faster .....)
  • Stop producing toys which need batteries. We have yet to learn how to dispose batteries safely.Children are happiest playing with pots and pans from the kitchen. Haven't you? Instead of reminiscing the good old days, create them.
  • Studies have shown that metal scrap thrown in the rivers of developing countries have caused cancer.(60% of cancer patients in India are from Calcutta,where fish is heavily consumed as their staple diet)
  • Malfunctioning trade policies cause cancer. - More on this later.
  • We need to move more, than live in the moment - we will live a healthier life.
  • We need to live as a community - come for social gatherings - singing, dancing and doing the merry go around together - We will need lesser therapists.
  • First -learn to do, than learn "How to do". Take joy in doing.
  • Wear Nature
  • ENJOY breathing - Oxygen is free - Take in as much as you can.
  • when you read a book - do you wonder why the author wrote the book? Try and Read between the lines.
  • Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing
  • STOP over vaccinating our children. Though it fuels pharmaceutical investors it reduces the immunity of children and often jeopardize happy lives.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are strategic to come up with clever cover ups that it is difficult to detect the cause effect relations of immunizations and their harm.
  • Physicians have partially lost their judgment because federal rules have overpowered them and the fear of being sued makes them merely a follower of rules.They know too well that it is harmful to vaccinate a child with 2 or 3 immunizations at a time. When the government overpowers and corporates rule the lives of citizens and families in democratic countries, citizens become slaves.

07 August 2011

Two different pairs of eyes

Sita gets a call from her father,"your mother is very angry with you."

"why? what did I do now ?" She spoke into the phone half drowsy.

Two days ago Sita told her mother that she would not follow up on a matrimonial ad for her brother. The parents had already communicated to the "boy" who is in London, who may or may not have send an email. While the parents hesitate in insisting with their son, they did not mince words in conveying that the same does not hold true for her.

Sita politely refused, at the same time pointing out the differences in perspective towards the male gender, which she has always done while growing up. The same parents had kept Sita away to not influence her sister, who was born, raised and educated in Bombay and now lives a sad life in the village of Kerala, a decision taken by her mother.

Nostalgic memories of parental(mostly mother) treatment due to gender differences flooded her mind.
The parents had pressurized their son to do an MBA in a "phoren" university, but curtailed their daughters dreams to study abroad before marriage. For them the end goal of educating their daughters was a good marriage with as less dowry as possible.

Same set of eyes, but their view changed every time they looked at the boy child who is the mothers favorite. Sadly the father has no say,because his wife beats him down. The father keeps quiet because 2 empty vessels will increase the insanity of the house, little realizing that his silence has caused much harm to one of his daughters life.

When Sita talks about her dreams to her mother, she always has an immediate reason to hang up the phone - At that point there is someone at the door, or something is boiling on the stove, or the granddaughter needs immediate attention or she comes up with a reason that she has to attend to which cannot wait any longer. Sita knows that as long as her father is alive, he is silently cheering her and that keeps up her spirit.

When the time has come to get the best matrimonial deal she can for her son, the mother is roping in the daughter whom she physically and emotionally abused and may be even detests !

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