15 August 2011

It will bring Joy.

  • We need MORE farmers than doctors - we will solve the problem of diabetes and obesity. More on this later
  • We need vegetables , fruits and herbs grown in the old fashioned way (organic ..yes i know the vegetables die faster .....)
  • Stop producing toys which need batteries. We have yet to learn how to dispose batteries safely.Children are happiest playing with pots and pans from the kitchen. Haven't you? Instead of reminiscing the good old days, create them.
  • Studies have shown that metal scrap thrown in the rivers of developing countries have caused cancer.(60% of cancer patients in India are from Calcutta,where fish is heavily consumed as their staple diet)
  • Malfunctioning trade policies cause cancer. - More on this later.
  • We need to move more, than live in the moment - we will live a healthier life.
  • We need to live as a community - come for social gatherings - singing, dancing and doing the merry go around together - We will need lesser therapists.
  • First -learn to do, than learn "How to do". Take joy in doing.
  • Wear Nature
  • ENJOY breathing - Oxygen is free - Take in as much as you can.
  • when you read a book - do you wonder why the author wrote the book? Try and Read between the lines.
  • Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing
  • STOP over vaccinating our children. Though it fuels pharmaceutical investors it reduces the immunity of children and often jeopardize happy lives.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are strategic to come up with clever cover ups that it is difficult to detect the cause effect relations of immunizations and their harm.
  • Physicians have partially lost their judgment because federal rules have overpowered them and the fear of being sued makes them merely a follower of rules.They know too well that it is harmful to vaccinate a child with 2 or 3 immunizations at a time. When the government overpowers and corporates rule the lives of citizens and families in democratic countries, citizens become slaves.

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