10 September 2011

A dent .

This blog has become my impromptu diary in the past few posts.

..I bumped into another car while I was on my way to work. Each of us escaped unhurt and safe. The airbags were intact, but the car and the pick up truck suffered ! Having enquired the truck drivers safety, I called the police, the insurance company,went to the car body shop, hired a rental and was back at work..all in 3 hours. I tried to say to myself it is a good day. On my way back I ran over a bird (why it did not fly away when the car was approaching is beyond me) went to the groceries, showered and cooked dinner.
I did not go over the day but the accident remained at the back of my head.

The rental car is a new age hippie car which does not need a key in the ignition. Feather touch, the engine does not roar and it is silky smooth when it is on the road. It took half an hour to figure how it works today morning!
Half an hour to figure out how a car works?!
Boy, Did I get mad but not a whisper left my lips. To add to it, the smell of new car upholstery in my nostrils wanted me to leave the scene, but could not. The sun shone into my eyes and my hands were getting hot. I was surprised I was very calm and just wanted to drive out the car from the side of the road that was parked. It did not help that there was a run-athon on the next street. Finally,the engine started,and a task that was postponed for many days accomplished, made me a chipper. And it was followed by a brunch...I am hoping the rest of the day is quiet, and prepares me for the next week.

I will still be thinking of the the pick up truck driver to be okay and the vehicles to be given a new life again !

I still cannot figure out how I did not see the pick up truck sooner. I just ran into him screeching my brakes . ..Isn't that what is an accident. ?

03 September 2011


Happy Birthday to you !

Add each day and it becomes a month and months turn into an year.
Add years, and these become years to our lives. We like these years, because we are growing in body and in mind.We are being shaped. Every birthday is a celebration of added years to our lives and breathing life into these years is when we enjoy them.
However our initial joy of birthdays starts having a tinkering of sadness when we realize we are also aging. Aging in years. Though it is till the truth of the matter, we say we are becoming old. And old should we become - And that starts happening the minute we are conceived in a woman's womb, And if that growing does not happen we will never be born either !

So in the happiness of growing every day and adding life to your years and years to life - drink in fresh air and toast to a day of Happy Birthday everyday. It is lucky to grow old.

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