03 September 2011


Happy Birthday to you !

Add each day and it becomes a month and months turn into an year.
Add years, and these become years to our lives. We like these years, because we are growing in body and in mind.We are being shaped. Every birthday is a celebration of added years to our lives and breathing life into these years is when we enjoy them.
However our initial joy of birthdays starts having a tinkering of sadness when we realize we are also aging. Aging in years. Though it is till the truth of the matter, we say we are becoming old. And old should we become - And that starts happening the minute we are conceived in a woman's womb, And if that growing does not happen we will never be born either !

So in the happiness of growing every day and adding life to your years and years to life - drink in fresh air and toast to a day of Happy Birthday everyday. It is lucky to grow old.

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