23 October 2011

notes to self

There is no future, only the present.

17 October 2011

American Protests 101

The hatemongers of the protest movement on Wall street has started speaking. Around the world peaceful protesters would have been tear gassed, 'lathied' and burned. It has not yet happened in America. The naysayers and the media pound hard every day on the news that the protesters are ignorant, and uneducated who cannot make their "ASKS".

When the financial , market and legal wizards on wall street and Washington, unscrupulously manipulated every deal in the book and made some up every day, the media turned their heads the other way. Needless to say that the media were and are allies of the American corporates and could (and can) only propagate and be a mouth piece of the giants with the green dollar truck. They toast every evening to the finest champagne from France, under the finest chandeliers and eat on the finest china. Together they judge the people as they see fit, to heal their bruised ego.

So when peaceful protesters are protesting about the government's blind eye towards law breakers, media is faithfully working overtime. Tinkering and tampering the reputation of a crowd,(who may form their own demands eventually)who picked up the courage to protest. History often writes the stories of people who are steadfast and courageous. It is not a small feat that people from different parts of the country come together to protest against the compounding chains of wall street et al. Such single mindedness in thinking that something needs to be done about the after effects of stealing but has not figured out exactly what should be done and have made themselves available together is a key ingredient of a developed society.

Leaderless no doubt, the crowd is peaceful and is conveying its message using banners in parks where they do not block or interfere normal living. Common everyday folk who were happy to go to work and come back to their family everyday have assembled themselves to protest against the shameful act exhibited by the people whom they voted to power. Organizing themselves is the very trademark of American Society and its power.

Protests in America was,is and should be as American as apple pie.

Movements and protests , helps country to shake up the imperialistic tendencies that all rulers- democratic or otherwise have. The protesters can echo what George Washington said many centuries ago: "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair."

Do we have any wise and honest left ?

12 October 2011

The data Snatcher.

Internet has made the world accessible on our finger tips. Google search has narrowed it down to name and place , but Facebook is tempting us to give our privacy away. Foursquare, always demanding to know where we are . Now why would I do that ?

Would you ?

When we " Google" for information, we also give our information away. Few months ago, Google started collecting phone numbers ? If we have one email address, it is highly possible we are on the net. Without not much effort or time- if we continuously read or write blogs we give so much of our information away .

Facebook, The virtual community on the net where we spent a considerable time has had a ugly hood for long, but the convenience of information at our beck and call leads us into temptation. Technology did not promise us privacy or security. It helped and made us all easily available. Unfortunately we are egalitarian citizens of the net, which we find otherwise difficult.

09 October 2011


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05 October 2011

Steve Jobs

"What makes steve's methodology different from everyone else's is he always believed that the most important decisions you make are not the things you do but the things you decide not to do."
More on Steve Jobs .

01 October 2011

notes to self

The first rule in life : Figure it out.
The last rule : Refer to the first one.

When one is bouncing with ideas, write down to find out what is tangible and what is executable The rest of the ideas are a like a cup of good coffee. It takes you on a high note to reach reality.

The difference between Human beings and animals are Humans can dream and live it. Animals just cannot do that.

One can not go forward in life, unless she keeps her one foot behind. You need both feet. One is always in the front and the other ALWAYS behind.

BELIEVE is a word least understood.

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