12 October 2011

The data Snatcher.

Internet has made the world accessible on our finger tips. Google search has narrowed it down to name and place , but Facebook is tempting us to give our privacy away. Foursquare, always demanding to know where we are . Now why would I do that ?

Would you ?

When we " Google" for information, we also give our information away. Few months ago, Google started collecting phone numbers ? If we have one email address, it is highly possible we are on the net. Without not much effort or time- if we continuously read or write blogs we give so much of our information away .

Facebook, The virtual community on the net where we spent a considerable time has had a ugly hood for long, but the convenience of information at our beck and call leads us into temptation. Technology did not promise us privacy or security. It helped and made us all easily available. Unfortunately we are egalitarian citizens of the net, which we find otherwise difficult.

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