30 December 2011

Family Tree.

"A tortilla is either corn or wheat

A corn tortilla folded and filled is a taco,

Whereas a filled wheat tortilla is a burrito.

Deep fry a burrito, it’s a chimichanga.

Toast a tortilla, its a tostada.

Roll it, its an enchilada."

- From the movie, ONE DAY.

25 December 2011

Christmas Cheer 2011

A steel vessel with a copper base sat on the stove. In went 2 cups of washed bulgar wheat and a cup of amaranth.

While the amaranth and bulgar wheat boiled together,a cup of masoor dal was boiling alone on the adjacent stove.

One cup of chunky Tomatoes,2 cups of diced gherkins,and a handful of dried curry leaves joined the amaranth and bulgar wheat boil.

In a cup - 2 table spoon of curd was whisked thoroughly. Shortly it was accompanied by a teaspoon of cumin and fennel seeds,2 pods of grated garlic, a pinch of turmeric, a dash of salt and 3 table spoons of grated Khopra(dried coconut). The aroma they exhaled indicated they enjoyed the company of each other.

The last dance happened soon : the amaranth-Bulgar wheat pool met the khopra-curd melange and the boiled masoor dal. All the three steamed together and became the Holiday cheer.

With gratitude I had a bowl.

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