28 January 2012

Couscous with love and patience.

I can see yesteryear Algerian women making couscous at home - hand rolling the semolina.It is planned, time consuming and laborious. Some day I would like to watch and learn this long process and make it from scratch, at least once. For now, couscous is fast food for me,since it moves from a box into a bowl. Talk about paradox ! And also about marketable skills. Well, lets move on to something more comforting,it is after all the weekend,....

I pour warm tomato broth (rich with a spice blend of salt, fennel seeds, garlic, fenugreek, urad dal\masoordal\green moong dal)into a bowl of couscous and let it steam.

Finely diced cilantro and baked beetroot, carrot, also goes into the bowl. Let the couscous mingle and get friendly with all of them. OR shall I say, bask in the glory of all the flavors ?

The more it rests - at least 2 hours or so,the flavors will settle in well. When it is time to serve, crumbled feta goes in.Pumpkin seeds will complete the picture.

Eat brunch like a king my dear.

Relish With Gratitude

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