08 January 2012

Dressing up black beans

The black beans has been resting a while in my pantry. Read - A good 6 months or so. Fortunately they have not turned bad. Has it lost its freshness ? I don't know. When it is cold and one does not want to go to the grocery store, one reaches into the nook and corners of kitchen shelves to make a meal.

2 cups of black beans soaked in the morning. Cooked and drained in the evening.

Roasted carrots with some thyme.

pureed roasted carrots with a mexican chilli pepper, which was first soaked so that it could be softened ( fails me what type of chilli it was but it gives a kick to the otherwise sweet carrot soup.)

The black beans looked like shiny black pebbles inside the carrot soup. It made a delicious picture in a white bowl. crumbled feta is optional.


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