06 January 2012

Tomato Miso Soup .

I was home to eat macaroni and cheese, an excuse to switch on the oven. But found an empty box of macaroni languishing on the shelf. The heat could break the icy wind that just blew over me.

Instead I had to pick -

a can of diced tomatoes(411g)

green tea soba noodles(200g)

a handful of dried sea weeds

From the refrigerator-

5 pods of garlic

a table spoon of miso soup.

The can of tomatoes and 5 pods of garlic boiled together. It was then pureed.

A tablespoon of miso was mixed thoroughly.

In a cup of water, a small handful of sea weeds was boiled in the microwave which was added to the pureed tomato.

Cooked and drained green tea soba noodles dropped into a bowl of tomato miso soup, which was relished.

Good food can act as a balm. It can help one to forget the sub zero temperatures we have been experiencing for a few days now.

Always with gratitude,


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