28 February 2012

Brown Rice Medley

Sometimes a prepacked medley is very handy on hurried mornings. Daikon Radish seeds, Black Barley and Parboiled Rice packed together.I added 3 table spoons of masoor dal to bulk up the content, so that I can reserve a cup for yet another lunch this week. While the Garlic and the tomatoes bounced in hot oil in a pressure cooker, the washed cup of medley was added.

A spice blend of fenugreek, fresh black pepper, fennel, cumin and salt was folded into the contents of the cooker. A fresh turmeric tube added an extra burst of flavor and long string beans was the green companion to the medley.

The pressure cooker steamed for 5 minutes. As the lid was pulled away after the pressure cooker was well rested and the steam cooled off, the flavor gave away to a beautiful bed of cooked yellow whole rice decorated by spots of black barley and brown daikon radish seeds

fine cilantro garnish gave it the final touch

Always grateful for a hearty meal,

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